Applying for Support

The MEF is a Registered Charity. Its aims are to encourage and support expeditions exploring mountain regions, and both education and research pertaining to a wide range of subjects in mountain areas, including geography, glaciology and the effects of altitude. Unless an expedition has research as its primary objective, it must have a strong exploratory element to be deemed eligible for support.

Expeditions planning geographical exploration, first ascents of, or major new routes on high or remote mountains are likely to qualify. Applications from expeditions proposing to visit little-explored or formerly inaccessible areas are particularly encouraged, as are those pursuing worthwhile research. Normally, the MEF will only support expeditions where the majority of members come from Great Britain or New Zealand.

Since 1991 the Foundation has also awarded the Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant to deserving female expeditions or individual climbers applying for MEF support.

For expeditions in 2012 and subsequent years, grant applications must be made electronically, ie the latest version of the Application for Grant form (Rev 05 dated June 2011, down-loadable from this website*) must be submitted as an attachment to an E-mail addressed to the MEF Hon Secretary. The form also provides the basis on which Approval from the British Mountaineering Council is awarded.

The main obligation of an expedition accepting support is to provide a Summary Report and an account of expenses within six weeks of completion. A Final Report is required as soon as possible afterwards. Failure to observe this important requirement is likely to result in a leader being refused future support. Copies of these reports are held (some on line) by the Alpine Club, the Royal Geographical Society and the British Mountaineering Council.

The Screening Committee meets to consider applications twice a year – in November and March. Closing dates for receipt of completed applications are 30th September and 31st January prior to the meetings. These dates are strictly observed, and expeditions are never considered in retrospect.

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Summaries of supported expeditions from the year 2000 onwards are available to view on this site (Click here to view past reports)

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