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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Sissu Nala '98

Ref: 98/28
July - August 1998
Ian Ford with Trevor Milton, Andy Parkinson and Mark Smith plus Wilrik Sinia from Holland
<p>There is confusion over the naming of certain peaks in the Lahul region of India, with several being called 'Gep(h)an(g) Goh'. By climbing in the area, this team hoped to clarify the nomenclature a Read more
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Cumbria & North Yorks Karakoram 1998

Ref: 98/26
September - October 1998
Dave Kay with Steve Broadhurst, James Kay, Caroline van der Velde, John Williamson and Mike Wright
<p>Chari Khand (5,886m) is a complex peak at the end of the Naltar Valley near Gilgit, possibly climbed once before by the Pakistan army. A few days after this team's arrival at base camp, their cook/ Read more
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Shipton's Lost Valley

Ref: 98/25
May - June 1998
Martin Moran with Brede Arkless, John Harvey, Ben Lovett and Sobat Singh Rana, with Pete Francis, C S Pandey, John Shipton [son of Eric] and Heera Singh in support
<p>In 1934, Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman made a lightweight crossing of the Badrinath-Kedarnath watershed: before completing it, they ran out of food and had to live on bamboo shoots. Due to the intro Read more
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Swachand 1998

Ref: 98/22
August - October 1998
Simon Yearsley with Malcolm Bass and Julian Clamp
<p>On his expedition to Chaukhamba in 1995 (95/07) Yearsley spotted a challenging new route on the 1,400m W Face to the summit of Swachand, 6721m, a peak that had only received one previous ascent. Th Read more
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British Army Kang Yissay

Ref: 98/13
June - July 1998
Major Duncan Penry with Craig Currie, Andy Holman, Rhys Jones, Reg Marshall, Rob Smythe and lan Weatherstone, plus Chris Van Spall in support
<p>The main aim of this team from the Army Intelligence Corps was to make the first ascent of the NE Ridge of Kang Yissay I, 6,400m, in Ladakh. From a camp at 5,800m, a steep ascent (AD) took them ont Read more
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Himalayan Ski Crossing 1998

Ref: 98/03
February - April 1998
Ben Stephenson with Amar Inamdar and Joe McCarron
<p>As a follow-up to his very successful OUEDS Zanskar Expedition (95/01) this leader planned to traverse the Himalayan chain on ski from Lamayuru in the N to Spiti in the S: five food/fuel dumps were Read more
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British Hidden Himalaya

Ref: 97/46
September - October 1997
Owain Jones with Nick Bullock, Julian Cartwright and Jamie Fisher
<p>The Shark's Fin on the E Face of Meru Central, 6,500m, is approached by a 1,000m snow slope, following which there is a diagonal ramp/buttress, another snowpatch and then the fin itself. These tran Read more
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Durham University Svalbard 98

Ref: 98/34
June - August 1998
Iqbal Hamiduddin with Eleanor Haresign, Joe Langham and Rob Schindler plus Liv Stormhyr from Norway
<p>This was a scientific expedition undertaking a multifaceted study of the characteristics and long-term behaviour of two surge-type glaciers in Reindalen, Central Spitsbergen. A further study of ice Read more
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Greenland 1998 - In the Steps of Tilman

Ref: 98/29
June - September 1998
Rev Bob Shepton with Steve Marshall, Brian Newham and Annie Wilson plus Danuska Rycerz from Poland
<p>Before he was lost at sea in 1977, Bill Tilman had proved the practicality of combining climbing with sailing, particularly in Greenland. Following the same pattern, this team sailed - two for the Read more
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Cumbria East Greenland 1998

Ref: 98/21
July - August 1998
Steve Brailey with Pete Dawson, Ian Cousins, Chris Cookson, Colin Dulson, Jeff Haslam, Gwyn Lewis, Keith Miller and Dave Wilson
<p>The western end of the Lemon Mountains is rarely visited, so offers good opportunities for exploration and first ascents. From a base camp at 960m at the junction of the Cocker and Frederiksborg gl Read more