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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Anglo-American Kokshaal-Too

Ref: 97/45
August - September 1997
Lindsay Griffin with Brian Davison and Nick Green from UK, Christian Beckwith and Garth Willis from USA and Mattias Engelien from Germany
<p>The American/German portion of this team limbered up on ice/mixed routes of Scottish IV/V on peaks up to 4,600m in the Ala Archa before heading for Kokshaal-Too, the most southern range of the Tien Read more
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Northern Chuiskiy

Ref: 97/39
July - August 1997
Paul Knott with Michael Doyle from UK plus Justin Canny and Bill Fischelis from the USA
<p>The Maashey Valley is virtually unknown, and had never previously been visited by British or American climbers. Hence this enterprising team had no problems in finding something 'new' to climb. The Read more
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Sheffield Karakoram 1997

Ref: 97/40
June - August 1997
Mark Harris with Richard Garnett, Dean Grindell and Oliver Howard
<p>This team visited the Choktoi Glacier with the intention of making first ascents of as many peaks as possible. They were successful in climbing a subsidiary summit, 5,800m, of the Biacherai Towers Read more
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Scottish-Australian Broad Peak 97

Ref: 97/38
June - August 1997
Rick Allen with Andrew Lock of Australia
<p>Although thoroughly investigated by Kurtyka and Kukuczka in 1980, the S Ridge of Broad Peak, 8,047m, still awaits its first ascent. This duo hoped to attempt it last year, but were refused a permit Read more
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British Karakoram

Ref: 97/35
August - September 1997
Colm Coffey with Pete Cox, Stephen Gale, Craig Lyle and Chris Smith
<p>As the Markhum region of the Karakoram was closed until 1986, Zartgarbin, 5,850m (aka Saue Gerdan), had only received one previous attempt, and that was by a team from a British school. Examination Read more
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British Bolocho 1997

Ref: 97/27
July - August 1997
Dave Wilkinson with Andy Forsyth and Stewart Muir
<p>From the summit of Haramosh II in 1995, this leader saw a K2-like peak to the west, and set his heart on climbing it. An attempt in 1996 (96/23) from the Kero Lungma Glacier proved that the local m Read more
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Pinnacle Club 1997 Karakoram

Ref: 97/25
June - July 1997
Annabelle Barker with Pru Cartwright, Margaret Clennett, Sally Macintyre and Sue Williscroft
<p>When climbing nearby in 1986, the leader spotted an attractive unnamed peak near to Shuwert in Shimshal, and determined to return to locate and climb it. This expedition was the result. Unfortunate Read more
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British Choktoi

Ref: 97/23
June - August 1997
Guy Willett with Alex Franklin, Will Garrett, Rhona Hatchell and Colin Spark
<p>This expedition to the Choktoi Glacier had several aims, in some of which they were very successful. On Hanipispur South, 6,047m, they failed to make the first ascent when forced back at c6,000m, o Read more
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Joint North Wales Beatrice

Ref: 97/18
August - September 1997
Mike 'Twid' Turner with Grant Farquhar and Steve Mayers plus Louise Thomas with Glenda Huxter and Kath Pyke
<p>This was actually two separate expeditions — one all-male and one all-female — each attempting new big-wall routes on the SE Face of Beatrice, 5,900m, above the Charakusa Glacier. Both teams were s Read more
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New Zealand Aghil 1997

Ref: 97/36
August - October 1997
John Nankervis with John Cocks, Tom Davies, David Ellis, Kristen Foley, Dominic Hammond and John Wild
<p>The rarely visited Aghil Mountains lie between the Shaksgam and Zug Shaksgam rivers in Xinjiang Province. The peaks in the north proved to be very difficult to access owing to narrow gorges and ver Read more