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ANNUAL LECTURE: Everest on Film

An evening of historic Everest films introduced by Sir Chris Bonington at the Royal Geographical Society on the 7 November 2019 at 7.00pm.


From the first moving footage of the mountain, captured by John Noel in 1922, to the celebrations surrounding the successful ascent in 1953, join us at the RGS on the 7 November 2019, 7.00pm-10.00pm for an evening which celebrates the films and film-makers who brought us the first dramatic moving images of Mount Everest, introduced by Chris Bonington.


Climbing Mount Everest (1922) First film of Tibet, by Captain John Noel from the 1922 British expedition to Mount Everest, led by Brigadier General Charles Bruce.

Epic of Everest (1924) Noel’s masterpiece, digitally restored by the British Film Institute. Filming in brutally harsh conditions, Captain John Noel captured images of breath-taking beauty and considerable historic significance.

Climbing Mount Everest (1933) A fascinating glimpse into life at high altitude for the party of the Mount Everest Expedition 1933.

Everest (1933) Un-edited b/w amateur footage (no sound) of the scenery and wildlife of the Tibetan plateau, taken during the Mount Everest Expedition 1933. Footage taken by Edward Shebbeare during the British Mount Everest Expedition 1933. It records the team’s outward journey along the Tibetan plateau towards Mount Everest.

Everest (1936) Rare footage (b/w, no sound) from the ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1936’, which was led by Hugh Ruttledge.

Wings Over Everest (1933) Released by British-Gaumont in 1934, this Oscar-winning film documents The ‘Houston Mount Everest Expedition’ organized by Major L V Stewart Blacker, to fly over Mount Everest.

The Conquest of Everest (1953) George Lowe’s documentary recording the famous and successful expedition of the Everest conquest by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, the first climbers to reach its peak.

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