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Applications Open for 2021 Expedition Funding

The MEF are now accepting funding applications for their January 31st 2021 deadline - supporting expeditions from mid-April 2021 onwards.

In March 2020, MEF funding was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Committee judged that the risk of spreading the virus into a remote location, which could have devastating consequences to vulnerable communities, was unacceptable.

At the time, the committee laid out clear guidelines under which they would again consider the funding of expeditions. These were:

  • That the FCO and WHO advice allows leisure travel to the destination country.
  • That the destination country’s borders are fully open to tourists, and that internal travel restrictions have been lifted.
  • That the expedition is fully and properly insured with a suitable insurance policy from a recognised insurer.

With a number of successful vaccines now on the horizon and progress in testing, it seems possible that expeditions will be able to meet these criteria in our next funding period - which will support expeditions taking place after mid-April 2021. As a result, applications are now open and must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary by the 31st of January 2021.

We would like to remind all prospective applicants, that we are utilising a new application form that can be downloaded here. Any applications made using out-of-date forms will not be accepted and you will be asked to re-submit your application, so please make sure that you have the correct copy.

We have also updated our guidelines for all expeditions, and agreed new criteria by which we will be judging applications for scientific research. These have been introduced to ensure that the MEF meets its centrally stated objective to encourage and support expeditions for exploration and research in the mountain areas of the World.