Mount Everest Foundation
Supporting the exploratory


The charity welcomes innovative and ambitious objectives from both experienced and new teams alike. Applications should be submitted through the online application form below. Application deadlines run bi-annually on the 30th September and 31st January.

Download information on the MEF and support here.

All applicants for MEF expedition grants must read our current Application Guidelines

To apply for expedition support:

STEP 1. Download the Application Guidelines

STEP 2. Download the Application Form

STEP 3. The Grant Application form is downloaded in Word Doc format. Fill in the Application for Grant form on your computer, and submit to the MEF Hon Secretary by the dates specified in the Guidelines as an attachment to an E-mail. Don’t forget to give your expedition a unique name.

STEP 4. Send copies of the completed Application for Grant form to each of the Referees named under Para 8 on the Application Form.

Referees should be advised that after reading the Application for Grant they should download and complete the Referee Proforma.

STEP 5. Having completed the proforma, referees should submit this to the MEF Hon Secretary as an attachment to an E-mail. The email address is given at the bottom of the proforma.

Please also read our Privacy Policy which details how we use your data.