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Every MEF-supported expedition is required to submit a report to the foundation. We have archived these reports so that they can be of use in research and the planning of future expeditions. Listed below are summary pages for every expedition that the MEF has supported with links to their complete expedition reports. Expeditions can be refined by geographical area and purpose, browsed using the map below or searched using the search box.

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Benarat 2024 Expedition

Ref: 24/02
December 2023 - January 2024
Tim Allen, Laura Appleby, Mark Burkey, Pete Hall, Becka Lawson, Frank Pearson, Will Pearson, Chris Scaife, Stuart Weston, Lisa Wootton and Mark Wright with Veno Enar, Steve Lian, Balang, Jimmy and Jarah from Sarawak
This expedition, one part of the ongoing Mulu Caves Project, sought to explore the caves of Gunung Benarat in Gunung Mulu National Park. Over 18 days based at the Park's Camp 5, the expedition succeed Read more

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Salimor Khola Expedition

Ref: 23/17
September - November 2023
Paul Ramsden, Tim Miller, Matt Glenn and Hamish Frost
Due to its remote location and the challenges of access, the Salimor Khola valley in the Api Himal of far western Nepal is home to a number of unclimbed peaks over 6000m. This team of four travelled t Read more

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Virjerab 2023

Ref: 23/27
August - September 2023
Lee Harrison and Arran Turton-Phillips
Having originally planned to attempt a number of peaks near the junction of the Second West Virjerab Glacier and the East Virjerab Glacier, the expedition was forced to change plans when sufficient po Read more

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Kokshaal Too, Kyrgyzstan 2023

Ref: 23/24
August - September 2023
Clement Attwood, Thomas Walker, Calum Wesencraft and Nick Whimster
Despite being dropped 8km short of their planned base camp and facing generally adverse weather conditions, this team of four was still able to make attempts on two summits – one on Pik Zabor and the Read more

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International North Sikkim Expedition 2023

Ref: 23/22
September - October 2023
Tom Davis-Merry, Thomas Simpson, Kasia Piatek, Ula Stopka-Farooqui, Sam Poletti, Elie Jaumin, Mr Mangal Singh, Mr Hira Singh, Mr Budda Tamang, Mr Motiram and Mr Roshan Chhetri
This large team travelled to the glacial system in the region of Brumkhangse (5635m), intending to make the first ascents of a number of 5000m objectives. Despite persistent poor weather, they succeed Read more

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Dih Sar Expedition 2023

Ref: 23/21
September 2023
Peter Thompson and Tim Oates
This two-man expedition planned to make attempts on Dih Sar (6207m) and Yazpurz Peak (6008m). Unfortunately, as they approached the Dih Dur valley via the Joshi pass, Oates developed altitude sickness Read more

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The Pico del Oro Plateau Caving Expedition 2023

Ref: 23/18
August - September 2023
Pete Talling, José Antonio De Pomar Cáceres, Gareth Davies, Chris Densham, Dominik Frohlich, Mike Futrell, Rene Haemers, Martin Holroyd, Andreas Klocker and Boaz Langford
Building on the observations of previous, smaller expeditions, this party set out to explore the Pico del Oro Plateau in northern Peru which, because of its elevation, limestone composition and the re Read more

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Pakistan Para-Alpinism 2023

Ref: 23/16
June - July 2023
Jake Holland, Will Sim, Veso Ovcharev, Antoine Girard and Medhi Bidault
Initially based in Hunza, the expedition spent three weeks exploring the surrounding peaks using a combination of paragliding, skiing and climbing. During this time, as well as landing on a number of Read more

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Late Glacial and Holocene Glaciation in Tierra del Fuego

Ref: 23/11
November - December 2023
Carla Huynh, Andy Hein, Rob Bingham and Juan-Luis Garcia
In late 2023, this team of four researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Universidad Católica de Chile undertook fieldwork on two islands in Tierra del Fuego. Having sampled 34 quartz-rich roc Read more

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British Ganglung Kangri 2023

Ref: 23/09
September - October 2023
Julian Freeman-Attwood, Jim Lowther, Jim Fotheringham and Nick Colton with Nepali support staff and muleteers
Following an abortive expedition to this region in 2022, Freeman-Attwood and Colton returned with new teammates and the aim of making the first ascent of Ganglung Kangri II. In this the team were succ Read more