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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  Tajikistan


Ref: 15/26
August 2015
George Cave, Clay Conlon, Emily Ward, Alistair Docherty and James Monypenny
An exploratory expedition to the Ak Baikal valley in the Muzkol range in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region of eastern Tajikistan. The team flew variously to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, or Osh in... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Northeast Greenland Caves

Ref: 15/04
July 2015
Gina Mosely, Robbie Shone, Chris Blakeley and Mark Wright
The aim of this project was to collect samples of deposits from caves in Kronprins Christian Land in order to study past climate change. The team flew to Mestersvig, where equipment was sorted and... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Bio-glaciology in Western Greenland

Ref: 15/08
July 2015
Joseph Cook, Arwyn Edwards, Michael Sweet, Ottavia Cavalli and Sophie Cook
An expedition to study the role of glacier microbes in shaping ice surfaces by monitoring the changing shapes of ice surface landforms and biogeochemical fluxes. The team included four young... Read more
Map of

Katkar Nala

Ref: 15/31
July - August 2015
Calum Nicoll, Struan Chisholm, Sam Newmark, and Calum McLellan
Objective to complete first ascents of peaks at around 5900m in the Zanskar/Ladakh region of Northern India. They travelled to Leh, and then by road to Kargil and Padum. On arrival at Reru they... Read more
Map of

K6 Central

Ref: 15/33
July - August 2015
Graham Zimmerman, Scott Bennett and Steven Swenson
An attempt on the South Face of K6 in the Pakistan Karakorum. The early part of the expedition had bad weather, but they used the time to establish an Advanced Base Camp on the far side of ‘Hidden... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Khan Tengri

Ref: 15/19
July - August 2015
Seth Ford, Tim Miller, Will Kernick and Cameron Holloway
First ascents of around 5000m+ above the North Inylchek Glacier in Kyryzstan. In an interesting approach to acclimatisation Miller and Kernick climbed Khan Tengri (7010m) before joining Ford and... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Western Kokshaal-Too

Ref: 15/22
July - August 2015
Paul Knott, and Vaughan Snowdon
The objectives were first ascents at the head of the Pagov glacier in Kyrgyzstan, including peak 5602. Base camp was established at the confluence of the Palgov and Grigoriev rivers at 3474m, 18km... Read more
Map of


Ref: 15/03
June - July 2015
Ed Poulter, Andrew Basford, Katie Farrel, Mathew Fuller, Steve Hutton, Katie McKay and Dan Slome
The objectives were to explore the Upper SE Shukpa Kunchang and Sagtogpa Glaciers in the Rongdo Valley, and climb at least one unclimbed remote 6000m+ peak. After five days acclimatising around Leh,... Read more
Map of

Ogre North Face

Ref: 15/13
June - July 2015
Bruce Normand, Marcos Costa, Jesse Mease, and Billy Pearson
The team started with acclimatisation climbs on peaks of 6100m and 6400m. The first attempt on by the full team was abandoned at 5900m because of heavy daytime rockfall. A second attempt was made by... Read more
Map of


Ref: 15/15
June - July 2015
Pete Thompson, Phil De Berger, and Aiden Laffey
The first ascents of one or more peaks of around 6000m above the Virjerab Glacier in the Pakistan Karakorum. The team trekked to base camp from Shimshal village. Thompson and DeBerger attempted a... Read more