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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Leverett Glacier

Ref: 17/30
October 2018
Dr Andrew Sole, Dr Neil Ross, Dr Stephen Livingstone and Ben Davison
<p>Using the body of previous research which aimed to quantify how melting of the ice sheet surface affects ice flow, the team travelled to the Leverett Glacier with the aim of building upon their pil Read more
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British Minya Konka Expedition

Ref: 18/12
September - October 2018
Paul Ramsden and Nick Bullock
<p>The team aimed to make an ascent of the impressive line on Minya Konka’s South Face in the Daxue Range. After waiting and acclimatising for almost a whole month in base camp they made an attempt on Read more
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British Nanda Devi East Expedition

Ref: 18/24
September - November 2018
Dave Sharpe and John Crook
<p>The objective of the expedition was to make a first ascent of the North East Ridge of Nanda Devi East which had previously been attempt in 2015 but Martin Moran and Mark Thomas. With Dave Sharpe al Read more
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Anglo-New Zealand Kishtwar Expedition

Ref: 18/19
September - October 2018
Timothy Elson and Richard Measures
<p>The team set themselves two potential objectives of the North Spur of Flat Top (6100m) and South West Face of Kishtwar Eiger (6000m). After setting base camp at Sattarchin they acc Read more
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British Kishtwar Expedition

Ref: 18/07
September - October 2018
Tom Livingstone, Will Sim and Uisdean Hawthorn
<p>The team had an original objective on Barnaj I or II and note a couple of potential lines. After flying in to Leh and arriving at Hagshu base camp however, unseasonably heavy snow Read more
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Shuwert Expedition

Ref: 18/32
September - October 2018
Peter Thompson and Philip De-Beger
<p>This two person expedition had a primary objective of making a first ascent of any 6000m peaks around the East Shuwert Glacier. They set their initial base camp at the foot of East Sh Read more
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Mulung Tokpo Expedition

Ref: 18/10
August - September 2018
Derek Buckle, Drew Cook, Mike Fletcher, Adele Long, Gus Morton & Tony Westcott
<p>After establishing base camp at the foot of the Mulung Glacier, the team ventured further in search of ABC. Establishing this at 5085m, they decided to switch from their original M15 objective due Read more
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Derjchy Glacier Expedition

Ref: 18/27
July 2018
David Bird, German Dector-Vega, Charley Hinds, Dante Makin, Dave Milner, Amelia Powys, Isobel Stoddart and Luke Travis
<p>The team had the main objective of exploring the 4000m peaks around the Derjchy valley. Approaching from Bokonbaevo by truck, the team set their initial camp before establishing base camp at 3000m Read more
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Wegener Halvø Peninsula

Ref: 18/33
July - August 2018
Gina Moseley, Robbie Shone, Chris Blakeley, Dario Schwoerer, Sabine Schwoerer, Salina Schwoerer, Andri Schwoerer, Noe Schwoerer, Alegra Schwoerer, Mia Schwoerer, Vital Schwoerer and Mirjam Bruhwiler
<p>Whilst the caves on the Wegener Halvø Peninsula have been known about for some time, little is known about their make up. The team aimed to address this knowledge gap by undertaking exploration, se Read more
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Belgorka Valley

Ref: 18/28
June - August 2018
Samuel Gillan, Alex Hyde, Tom Drysdale, Louise Reddy and Calum Sowden
<p>Alongside investigating the effects of climate change on </p><p>Fedorovich Glacier, the team also had the aims to provide educational training in first aid, photography and glacial re Read more