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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Expedition

Ref: 16/27
August 2016
Miles Gould and Andy Vine
First ascents of peaks surrounding the Kindyk valley, Kuiluu massif, Kyrgyzstan. They flew to Bishkek, and continued by road via Karakol to the Kuiluu valley. They established a base camp at 3200m... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Renland Expedition

Ref: 16/25
July - August 2016
Geoff Hornby, David Barlow, Rob Powell and Paul Seabrook
An expedition to an unnamed and unexplored glacier near the Mirror Wall area of South Renland. From Iceland they flew to Constable Point, and from there made a 12hr overnight passage in a RIB (hard... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Djenghi-Djer Expedition

Ref: 16/15
July - August 2016
Struan Chisholm, Calum Nicholl, Sandy Fowler, Sam Newmark, Mark Chonofsky and Neil Smith
Exploration and climbing in unexplored valleys in the Djenghi-Djer mountain range in SE Kyrgyzstan. Travelling was by horseback for reasons of speed and flexibility – an interesting choice when... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan


Ref: 16/22
July 2016
John Proctor, Robert Taylor, Ciaran Mullen and Phil Dawson
An attempt on the unclimbed North face of Muz-Tok (5066m), part of the Pamir Alai range in South West Kygyzstan, and with three other unclimbed peaks as possible secondary objectives. The approach... Read more
Map of

Gulmit Tower Expedition

Ref: 16/24
June 2016
Peter Thompson and Aiden Laffey
An attempted first ascent of the Gulmit Tower (5801m) in the Hunza region of Pakistan, by the East Face and Southeast Ridge. The approach was by road from Gilgit to Gulmit village, with a base camp... Read more
Map of  United States

West Face of Celeno Peak

May 2016
Graham Zimmerman and Chris Wright
Celeno peak (13,395ft) is located in the Wrangell – Saint Elias range in Alaska. The objective was the first ascent of the West Face, and the second ascent of the peak overall. They flew to... Read more
Map of  United States

Hunter Foraker

May 2016
Ben Silvestre, Pete Graham and Will Harris
The primary objective was a new route on the South face of Mt Hunter South. They flew to Talkeetna, and then to Thunder Glacier, where they scouted new routes, and attempted a route on Pt 9000... Read more
Map of  United States

East Buttress of Mount Laurens

May - June 2016
John Crook, David Sharpe and Gavin Pike
Initial objective was the first ascent of the East buttrss of Mt Laurens on the Lacuna Glacier. They flew into Kahiltna base camp, and started by reconnoitering potential routes. They attempted the... Read more
Map of  India

Vishnugarh Darh Expedition

Ref: 16/30
May - June 2016
Susan Jensen, and Anindya (Raja) Mukherjee
Aiming for unclimbed peaks up to 6000m around the Panpatia Glacier in Garhwal, they approached via Josimath and a two day walk in. A Base Camp was established at 3815m, and an ABC at 4199m for... Read more
Map of  India


Ref: 16/31
May - June 2016
Malcolm Bass and Guy Buckingham
After permission was refused for their first objective (Rimo III) they changed target to the NW Ridge of Gangstang (6163m) in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. They drove via Manali to the... Read more