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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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The Karakorum Anomaly Project

Ref: 15/27
June – September 2015
Sergiu Jiduc, Forster Oliver James, and Taylor Timothy
Glaciers in most regions of the world are in retreat, but in the Karakorum they seem to be stagnating or even growing, a phenomenon termed the Karakorum Anomaly. The KA is increasing the region’s... Read more
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Cathedral Spires

May 2015
Tim Blakemore and Mike (Twid) Turner
A trip to the Cathedral Spires with several possible objectives of new hard routes on North Triple Peak and/or Mount Nevermore. Commercial flights to Anchorage and Talkeetna were followed by a... Read more
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Himalchal Pradesh

Ref: 15/07
May - June 2015
Andrew Nisbet, Robert Adams, Tom Adams, Steve Kennedy, Bill McConachie, and Paul Swienton
Exploration of a side valley branching from the Darcha-Mayar Valley in Himalchal Pradesh, and ascent of a peak of 6010m. A camp was established at the foot of the mountain, and a higher camp on the... Read more
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Hayes Range

April - May 2015
Will Sim and Jonathan Griffith
A two man expedition with the objective of the unclimbed NW face of Mount Deborah. They had been led to believe that they could fly into the Upper Gillam Glacier from Talkeetna, but this turned out... Read more
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Hayes Range

April 2015
David Chapman and Guy Wilson
The principal objective was of Peak 10910, SW of Mount Hayes. They flew in from Fairbanks to an un-named glacier to the W of Mount Hayes. They spent 9 nights in this camp, and it snowed most of... Read more
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Ref: 15/01
April - May 2015
Julian Freeman-Attwood, Ed Douglas, Phil Bartlet Nick Colton, Skip Novak, and Crag Jones
The objective was to climb one of the 6000m peaks of the Gorakh Himal. After an 8 day approach march of they got to within 12kms of the mountain Gorakh Kang. Very heavy snowfall prevented them... Read more
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New Zealand Caving

Ref: 15/25
April 2015
Rhys Tyers, Jack Hare, Tanguy Racine, James O’Hanlon, Oliver Myerscough, Cecilia Kan, Chris McDonnell and Alex Seaton
Eight members of the Imperial College Caving Club went ot the South Island of New Zealand for a three week expedition to find new caves. Due to high winds and early snowfall the original plan to... Read more
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Revelation Mountains

March - April 2015
Ben Silvestre and Peter Graham
The original objective for Ben Silvestre and Peter Graham was the central couloir on Pyramid Peak, but they discovered that they would not be able to land on the Revelation Glacier, so transferred... Read more
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Avellano Towers

Ref: 15/02
December 2014 - January 2015
David Brown, John Crook, Will Harris and Andy Reeve
A party of four, with the principal objective the NE Face of the southernmost Avellano Tower. The approach was by air to Balcamada, crossing the \Lago General Carrera, and then using packhorses to a... Read more
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San Lorenzo East Face

Ref: 14/19
September - October 2014
Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey
The objective was the unclimbed East Face of San Lorenzo, a 3706m peak on the Chile/Argentina border just north of the Perito Moreno National Park. They arranged to ship their gear in advance by... Read more