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Nagaland Caving Expedition 2022-2023

Following a preliminary visit to the village of Mimi in Kiphire District during which members of this expedition were shown five caves by local hunters, it was decided that a larger expedition to the area would be worthwhile. Returning over the Christmas and New Year period of 2022-23 this party of cavers, comprising specialists in biology, archaeology, geology and mapping, made a more thorough exploration of the region’s caves, surveying a total distance of 1.8km across 33 virgin caves to a maximum depth of 115m. As well as producing high-quality maps of the surveyed caves, the team was also able to bring back useful data regarding the region’s geology and a first impression of the area’s cave biota.

December 2022 - January 2023
Thomas Arbenz, Dan B. Harries, Tudor L. Tamas, Roman Hapka, Oliver Legg, Richard Hudson, David Cooke, Pynshailang Syiemiong and Ayush Singh

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