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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  Chile

Jorge Montt Glacier Ski Expedition

Ref: 19/30
September - October 2019
Marian Krogh, Stephanie Jones and Gabrielle Degagne
This team of three had the joint objectives of exploring the northern portion of the southern Patagonian ice field and to access and explore on ski the southern icefield by way of glacier Chico,... Read more
Map of  Peru

Novel Remote Sensing of Glacial Change

Ref: 19/13
September 2019
Liam Taylor, Duncan Quincey, Mark Smith, Lee Brown, Joshua Chambers, Joshua Wolstenholme and Michael Grimes
The expedition from the University of Leeds travelled to Peru in order to test a novel remote sensing system for providing real-time assessment of glacial change. The data once published should help... Read more
Map of  Chile

Avellano Valley

Ref: 18/03
January 2018
Freja Shannon, Michelle O’Loughlin, Sasha Doyle
Recipients of both the Julie Tulis and Alison Chadwick awards, this team of three women travelled to The Avellano Valley in Northern Patagonia where they hoped to establish a new line on the Avenali... Read more
Map of  Peru

South West Face of Huaguruncho

Ref: 17/37
November 2017
James Monypenny and Harry Mcghie
The intended aim of the expedition was to climb the central spur of the SW face of Huaguruncho in Peru, a mountain first climbed by a team including George Band and Mike Westmacott in 1956. After... Read more
Map of  Bolivia

APEX 5 – Altitude Research Expedition

Ref: 17/20
June 2017
University of Edinburgh
This was the latest in a series of scientific expeditions carrying out research into aspects of the human response to hypoxia. Blood samples were taken from a large team of student volunteers before... Read more
Map of  Chile

Tower of Paine Expedition

Ref: 17/05
January 2017
Calum Muskett, Tony Stone and Tom Livingstone
The primary objective was the first ascent of a new route on the S face of the South Tower of Paine. They reached the base of the face, but did not climb a single pitch due to bad weather, heavy and... Read more
Map of  Argentina

Patagonia Expedition

Ref: 17/09
January - February 2017
Peter Graham and Uisdean Hawthorn
Objectives were various first ascents on peaks in the Fitzroy massif, Patagonia. The team was based in Chaltén for two months but due to the particularly bad weather they were not able to attempt... Read more
Map of  Argentina


Ref: 15/23
December 2015 - January 2016
Tom Ripley, Matt Burdekin and Polly Harmer
A party of three led by Tom Ripley attempting routes on Aguga CAT and Aguja Bifida. After unsuccessful attempts on the California Route and the Afanassieff ridge on Fitzroy, they repeated the... Read more
Map of  Bolivia

Nameless Peaks of the Andes

Ref: 15/28
August -September 2015
Suzie Imber and Maximo Kausch
This expedition made use of a digital elevation model of the Andes developed by the Earth Observation Science Department of the University of Leicester. This enabled them to identify all mountains... Read more
Map of  Chile

Avellano Towers

Ref: 15/02
December 2014 - January 2015
David Brown, John Crook, Will Harris and Andy Reeve
A party of four, with the principal objective the NE Face of the southernmost Avellano Tower. The approach was by air to Balcamada, crossing the \Lago General Carrera, and then using packhorses to a... Read more