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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Imperial College Quimsa Cruz 2007

Ref: 07/33
June - July 2007
Hal Watts, Bernard Lam, Ben Withers, Virgil Scott & Markus Roggen
<p>For their first trip to the greater ranges these five young students selected an area to the east and north-east of Laguna Blanca of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz of Bolivia as offering plenty of scop Read more
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British Contrahierbas 2007

Ref: 07/27
June - August 2007
Tony Barton, John Pearson & Xabier Arbulo
<p>Although his intended climbing partner dropped out at the last minute, this leader was lucky to recruit two replacements when he arrived in Peru, so was still able to go ahead with his 'plan A' - a Read more
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Eastern Huayhuash 2007

Ref: 07/20
July - September 2007
Carl Reilly, Tom Bide, Lewis Fogarty, Martin Lane & Graeme Schofield
<p>The original objectives of this team - all current or former members of the University of Birmingham Mountaineering Club - were to explore the western side of the southern spur of the CordilIera Hu Read more
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FRCC Cordillera Carabaya 2007

Ref: 07/14
June - July 2007
Stephen Reid, Mike Cocker & Jonathan Preston
<p>The main aim of this team was to explore the little visited CordilIera Carabaya of Peru (which lies SE of the Cordillera Vilcanota, not far from the Bolivian border) and make the first ascent of th Read more
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Rio Turbo

Ref: 07/11A
February 2007
Andy Cave, James Bracken & Leo Houlding.
<p>In 2005 (MEF Ref: 05/5), Houlding, together with Kevin Thaw and climbers from Argentina and USA planned to climb the 1,000m Mariposa Wall from the Rio Turbo Valley of Argentina's Lago Puelo Nationa Read more
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British Darwin Range 2007

Ref: 07/10
February - March 2007
Simon Yates & Andy Parkin
<p>Using the yacht Iorana (skipper Marcel de Letter from Belgium) to access the Cordillera Darwin Range of Chilean Tierra del Fuego, this pair of climbers originally planned to explore and attempt the Read more
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Medical Sentinel 2007

Ref: 07/09
January 2007
Surg Cdr Adrian Mellor, FIt Lt Jemma Austin, SSgt Jason Beckett, Flt Lt Ani Cherian, Maj Tim Hooper, Capt Stevan Jackson, Cdr Stuart Jackson, LMT Baz Lawrence, LNN Cheryl Lindup, POPTI Dave Murphy, Capt Chrissy Shorrocks, Wg Cdr Steve Swindells, LNN Jason Taylor, Capt Harry Vincent, LNN Robert Wakeford & Maj Hatty Wells
<p>This mixed tri-service party with widely varying mountaineering experience undertook an expedition to Argentina to carry out a programme of research into the medical effects of altitude in collabor Read more
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Chimanta 2008

Ref: 08/26
September 2008
Anne & John Arran
<p>For this year’s exploration of the tepuis of Venezuela, this pair chose the more remote steep rock walls of Chimanta (2700m), formed from a very hard type of sandstone, some of the oldest in the wo Read more
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Pompey - Eastern Blanca - Peru 08

Ref: 08/24
July - August 2008
Ken Findlay, Kieran O’Sullivan, Brian Swales & Keith Waddell
<p>In 2006, Paul Hudson made a solo reconnaissance trip (MEF 06/14) into the Eastern Cordillera Blanca of Peru which proved that there was still much left to explore: as a direct result, this team hop Read more
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Cordillera Blanca 2008

Ref: 08/18
June - August 2008
Tony Barton, Olly Metherell, Tom Chamberlain (part-time) & Jim Sykes (part-time)
<p>This was a multi-part expedition to Peru, which started with a short acclimatisation trip to view objectives in the Quebrada Rajururi. They then embarked on a trip to the Nevado Pongos/Raria massif Read more