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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Cordillera Apolobamba '97

Ref: 97/48
June - July 1997
Will Payne with Andrew Macleod, Dafydd Morris, Hugh Morris, Gareth Roberts and Peter Ward
<p>After making first ascents of a number of peaks, this team decided to provide their own names to identify them: Devil's Elbow, 5,350m; The Tower, 5,100m; K4, 5,500m; K5, 5,250m; K8, 5,350m and K9, Read more
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Manchester Apolobamba

Ref: 97/33
July - August 1997
Andy MacNae with Andy Dougherty
<p>In something of a roving expedition this pair visited three separate areas: Condirriri, Apolobamba and Illimani. Despite the worst weather in the area for many years, they achieved a probable seven Read more
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Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club Apolobamba 1997

Ref: 97/29
July - August 1997
Jane McKay with Tom Bridgeland, Sam Chinnery, Rob Goodier, Paul Schweizer and Heather Smith
<p>This group set out to explore the Sorel Oeste group, and climb as many new routes as possible. Experiencing good weather throughout, they succeeded in making new routes on the W Face of Sorel Este, Read more
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British Cordillera Apolobamba 97

Ref: 97/20
July - September 1997
Bob Dawson with Dick Gasson, Jan Lancaster and Mark Thompson
<p>This was another expedition hoping to make first ascents in this less popular area of the Andes, choosing to operate in the area between Paso Osipal and Sunchuli. They succeeded in climbing Cuchill Read more
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British Women's Patagonia

Ref: 97/13
January - February 1997
Celia Bull with Donna Raupp from USA and Geraldine Westrupp as climbers, Alison Thomas as support and Bill Hatcher as photographer
<p>Patagonia's reputation for having the worst weather in the world was confirmed by this team's experience. Of 28 days in the field, only one full and two half days were free from almost continuous r Read more
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BMES Chile '97

Ref: 97/12
January 1997
Dr Alex Wright with lots of victims: Maggie Beazley, Stephen Brearey, Ian Chesner, Timothy Clarke, Richard Clayton, Peter Forster, Daniel Hale, Peter Hillenbrand, Helen Hoar, Christopher Imray, Brian Johnson, Barry Lester, Andrew MacLennan, Ian MacLennan, John Milles, Damian Mole, Jon Morgan, John Simmons, Sarah Walsh - mainly doctors themselves
<p>Having developed new equipment for determining the status of cerebral oxygenation in a non-intrusive manner, doctors in the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society were keen to test it in Read more
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UK Peru 1997 - Cordillera Central

Ref: 97/08
July - August 1997
Paul Hudson with Pamela Caswell, Ken Findlay, Stuart Gallagher, Peter Holden, Ken Mosley, Christopher Woodall and David Wynne-Jones
<p>The Cordillera Central is a little-visited area of Peru, 100km E of Lima, with a number of spiky peaks. This team found that there had been a considerable reduction in glaciation since the maps wer Read more
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Torres del Paine

Ref: 97/06A
January - March 1997
Noel Craine with Roger 'Strappo' Hughes and Simon Nadin
<p>On arrival at the foot of the Central Tower of Paine, 2,454m, this team discovered that their original objective of the S Ridge was already occupied by a strong Swiss party, so they turned their at Read more
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Walsall/Bolivia '97

Ref: 97/02
May - June 1997
Pete Marshall with Yossi Brain, Eamonn Flood and Dean Wiggin
<p>In recent years the Cordillera Apolobamba in Northern Bolivia has not been very popular with British climbers. 1997 saw a change, and this was one of five MEF-supported expeditions that headed for Read more
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British Cerro Aguilera 1997

Ref: 97/01
April - May 1997
Julian Freeman-Attwood with Frank MacDermot and Skip Novak
<p>On arrival in Chile, this team found that the first mate of the sailing vessel Pelagic had been injured and hence forced to return to the UK. Without him, Novak was not prepared to navigate the haz Read more