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British Graham Land 2007

This was a combined sailing and mountaineering expedition, which used Pelagic (under Alec Hazell) to sail from Punta Williams in Chile to Graham Land in the Antarctic Peninsula, where they aimed to explore and make first ascents on the range of mountains inland from Darbel Bay. However, the combination of global warming and poor weather conditions throughout the expedition made the Erskine glacier - their intended approach - crevassed and unstable, so the team concentrated on an unnamed glacier between the Erskine and Cardell glaciers. From this, despite very bad visibility, they made the first ascent of an unnamed snow peak of 1,205m via its west ridge. They graded the route as PD and have suggested Mackenzie Peak as its name. They also climbed Harris Peak (1,002m) on the Reclus Peninsula via its NE ridge, probably its first ascent for many years.

January - February 2007
Paul Josse, Steve Brown, Mark Davidson, Mike Winters, John Venier & Terje Lokken

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