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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Greenland White Sea

Ref: 04/42
May - August 2004
Peter Watson with Tim Broad, Rob Jones, Stene Lodge, Ran Newton, Luke Priest and Stewart Wright
<p>Following the example of Knox-Johnston and Bonington in 1991, some members of this team sailed a 10m steel cutter 'Elizabeth Victory' from Portsmouth to the E coast of Greenland, picking up the oth Read more
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British Torssukatak Fjord

Ref: 04/24
July - August 2004
Leanne Callaghan with Glenda Huxter, Tim Neill, Matt Perrier, Tim Riley and Louisa Wilkinson from UK and Judith Spancken from Germany
<p>Pamiagdluk Island has become a very popular destination for rock climbers in recent years. This team set out to make the first ascent of 'The Baron' (Pt 1,340m) by several free routes. Seven new ro Read more
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Rucksack Club Watkins Mountains, 2004

Ref: 04/23
May - June 2004
Jim Hall with Bob Kerr, Ros Murray and Rae Pritchard
<p>This was a smaller than usual 'club' expedition visiting the Watkins Mountains of East Greenland. Using the services of Tangent Expeditions to access the area, their aim was to climb the country's Read more
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Karabiner MC 60th Anniversary Pamiagdluk Island

Ref: 04/20
July - August 2004
Dave Bone with Rob AlIen, Steve Cheslett, Ian Heginbotham, Duncan Lee, Alois Metelko, Anna Neubert, Julie O'Regan, Scott Sadler and Jennifer Varley from UK plus Helena Bestova and Karel Prochazka from the Czech Republic
<p>This was a typical 'club' expedition, whose numbers were limited by the capacity of the 10m boat hired to reach an inlet on the western side of Kangerdluarssuaq Fjord on Pamiagdluk Island, where th Read more
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Greenland Arctic Challenge 200412005

Ref: 04/19A
June - October 2004
Rev Bob Shepton with Emily Brooks, Keith Geddes, Phil Ham, Nigel Harrison and Polly Murray, plus Jeremy Howarth and Tash Wright in support
<p>Continuing his exploration of the coastal mountains of Greenland from the sea, this leader sailed his 10-metre sloop from Scotland, and initially anchored in the 24km long Kangerduarssugssuaq Fjord Read more
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Sima Pumacocha 2004

Ref: 04/55
September 2004
Peter MacNab with Greg Brock, Tom Chapman, Chris Densham, Martin Holroyd, Les Oldham, Phil Rowsell and Peter Whitaker from UK; also Henry Burns, Mark Hassle, Ian Mackenzie and Taco Van Lu from Canada and Nick Hawkes + two from Peru
<p>Although not previously supported by the MEF, this international venture was a continuation of exploration of Sima Pumacocha in the Yauyos District of Central Peru. With a surveyed depth of 638m th Read more
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Fin del Mundo 2004

Ref: 04/46
August 2004
Colin Wells with Christine Goulding
<p>The mountains of Argentine Tierra del Fuego, although relatively well travelled and easily accessible, have not received much attention from climbers until recently, although a small community of c Read more
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British 2004 Artesonaraju

Ref: 04/41
July - August 2004
Neal Crampton with Clare Fennell
<p>This couple hoped to make the first ascent of the NW face of Artesonaraju (6,025m) in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru and descend by the 'normal' SW face route, which they planned to equip in advance Read more
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Scottish Cordillera Huayhuash 2004

Ref: 04/37
August - September 2004
lain Rudkin with Alasdair Buchanan, Gareth Hughes, Andrew McIntyre, Kevin Neal and Neil Stewart
<p>Although all members of this team had reasonable Alpine experience, only one had previous experience of the Greater Ranges. Plans to climb new ice faces - in particular the W face of Nevado Rondoy Read more
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Anglo-Scottish Vilcanota

Ref: 04/32
July - August 2004
Dave Wilkinson with Geoff Cohen, Steve Kennedy and Des Rubens
<p>Although this team experienced 'the best weather ever seen in big mountains' during the time they were in the area, their activities were largely dictated by an unseasonably heavy fall of snow that Read more