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Every MEF-supported expedition is required to submit a report to the foundation. We have archived these reports so that they can be of use in research and the planning of future expeditions. Listed below are summary pages for every expedition that the MEF has supported with links to their complete expedition reports. Expeditions can be refined by geographical area and purpose, browsed using the map below or searched using the search box.

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Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Acclimatisation to High Altitude

September 2022
Dr Lydia Simpson, Dr Jonathan Moore, Dr Mike Stembridge and Dr Alex Williams
Based at the Barcroft Research Station in California, US, the aims of this research expedition changed to focus on examining the effect of high altitude on vascular function in men and women rather th Read more

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‘Alder in the Arctic’

June 2022
Millicent Harding, Calvin Heslop, Lauren Church and Nicholas Daley
When two members of the expedition tested positive for Covid-19 on arrival in Alaska, this team were forced to alter their plans, relocating the planned site of their research from Umiat to the Yukon- Read more

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Baffin Island 2022

June - August 2022
Maria Parkes, Neil Chelton and Owen Lee
The team flew into Pangnirtung from where they travelled up Pangnirtung Fjord into Auyuittuq National Park. Their primary objective, Mount Turnweather, is located just east of the park boundary. Based Read more

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Meltwater Drainage through the Mackenzie Mountains

June - July 2022
Benjamin J. Stoker, Sophie L. Norris and Helen E. Dulfer
All three members of this expedition are researchers with a focus on the ice sheets of North America – their extent, their deglaciation and the associated effects on the landscape. The central aim of Read more

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British Kichatna Expedition 2022

May - June 2022
Mike ‘Twid’ Turner and Mark Thomas
Taking advantage of a season that saw remarkably good weather in the region, Turner and Thomas established a new route on the east face of Kichatna Spire, the highest of the granite peaks comprising C Read more

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Crooked Creek Station

August 2019
Dr Mike Stembridge, Dr Joseph Donnelly, Dr Ali McManus and Prof. Philip Ainslie
The expedition team, drawn from different universities, spent 11 days at the White Mountain Research Station in order to further understand how children acclimatiseto high altitude. Currently, there i Read more

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Baffin Paddle Climb

July - August 2019
Bronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Thor Stewart, Zack Goldberg-Poch
Flying first into Pangnirtung, the team paddled 30km up the Pangnirtung Fjord over 8 hours before hiking another 30km further up the valley to their base camp at Summit Lake. They established an advan Read more

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Alaska Expedition: Mount Thunder 2019

May 2019
Tim Blakemore and Mike ‘Twid’ Turner
Travel to the North Face of Thunder Mountain was hindered for a number of days due to poor weather before the team were eventually dropped by aircraft. Once established they found their objective to b Read more

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Mount Crillon Expedition

April - May 2019
Paul Knott and Jacob Downie
After almost a week of delay due to insufficient visibility for the glacier landing, the team reached base camp on the Brady Glacier close to the east ridge of Mt Crillon. Deep soft snow meant difficu Read more

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Oasis Peak Expedition

April - May 2019
Simon Richardson and Mark Robson
Following their research in advance of the expedition, the partnership believed they were likely the first documented expedition to North Baird Glacier in over 40 years. They set themselves two object Read more