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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Lowell Glacier

April - May 2007
Simon Richardson & David Hesleden
<p>As in other areas, most expeditions to the St Elias Range of Canada's Yukon have focused on the higher peaks, with the Lowell glacier receiving little attention, so this team decided there would be Read more
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Scottish Dan Beard

April 2007
Vivian Scott & Gareth Hughes
<p>Mt Dan Beard (3,l25m) is one of the less popular mountains to the north of Ruth Gorge, and this pair hoped to make the first ascent of its east face. They succeeded in reaching the summit by a rout Read more
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British-Irish Ruth Gorge 2007

March - April 2007
Oliver Metherell & James Mehigan
<p>This pair originally had designs on the east face of Mt Wake (2,755m) and possibly the London/Werewolf Towers (c2,250m). However, on arrival in the area, they found that their approach to Wake was Read more
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Buckskin Glacier Take Two

April - May 2008
Jon Bracey & Matt Helliker
<p>With only three big wall ‘aid’ routes on the east face of Bear Tooth (3207m), this pair of climbers hoped to establish another one up the central fault line or the continuous corner system on the l Read more
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Mount Crillon Expedition

April - May 2019
Paul Knott and Jacob Downie
<p>After almost a week of delay due to insufficient visibility for the glacier landing, the team reached base camp on the Brady Glacier close to the east ridge of Mt Crillon. Deep soft snow meant diff Read more
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Oasis Peak Expedition

April - May 2019
Simon Richardson and Mark Robson
<p>Following their research in advance of the expedition, the partnership believed they were likely the first documented expedition to North Baird Glacier in over 40 years. They set themselves two obj Read more
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Baffin Paddle Climb

July - August 2019
Bronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Thor Stewart, Zack Goldberg-Poch
<p>Flying first into Pangnirtung, the team paddled 30km up the Pangnirtung Fjord over 8 hours before hiking another 30km further up the valley to their base camp at Summit Lake. They established an ad Read more
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Alaska Expedition: Mount Thunder 2019

May 2019
Tim Blakemore and Mike ‘Twid’ Turner
<p>Travel to the North Face of Thunder Mountain was hindered for a number of days due to poor weather before the team were eventually dropped by aircraft. Once established they found their objective t Read more
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Crooked Creek Station

August 2019
Dr Mike Stembridge, Dr Joseph Donnelly, Dr Ali McManus and Prof. Philip Ainslie
<p>The expedition team, drawn from different universities, spent 11 days at the White Mountain Research Station in order to further understand how children acclimatiseto high altitude. Currently, ther Read more
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Supraglacial Rock Avalanches

June - July 2018
William Smith, Stuart Dunning and Richard Smith
<p>As part of William Smith’s PhD, the team travelled to Alaska in order to investigate further how meltwater created during debris deposition on to glaciers effects the glacier’s bio Read more