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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Torres del Paine

Ref: 97/06A
January - March 1997
Noel Craine with Roger 'Strappo' Hughes and Simon Nadin
<p>On arrival at the foot of the Central Tower of Paine, 2,454m, this team discovered that their original objective of the S Ridge was already occupied by a strong Swiss party, so they turned their at Read more
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Walsall/Bolivia '97

Ref: 97/02
May - June 1997
Pete Marshall with Yossi Brain, Eamonn Flood and Dean Wiggin
<p>In recent years the Cordillera Apolobamba in Northern Bolivia has not been very popular with British climbers. 1997 saw a change, and this was one of five MEF-supported expeditions that headed for Read more
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British Cerro Aguilera 1997

Ref: 97/01
April - May 1997
Julian Freeman-Attwood with Frank MacDermot and Skip Novak
<p>On arrival in Chile, this team found that the first mate of the sailing vessel Pelagic had been injured and hence forced to return to the UK. Without him, Novak was not prepared to navigate the haz Read more
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British Foraker Traverse 1997

May 1997
Geoff Hornby with Tom Nonis of the USA
<p>Having planned to make the first traverse of Mts Crosson and Foraker from north to south, this team was disappointed on arrival in Alaska to find that two local climbers had just beaten them to it. Read more
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British Thunder Mountain & Mount Hunter 1997

May - June 1997
Paul Ramsden with Jim Hall and Nick Lewis
<p>After five attempts on the Central Spur of Thunder Mountain (c 3,350m) this team switched its attention to the gully line on the left, which was climbed in a continuous 42-hour round trip. The rout Read more
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Alaskan Walls 1997

May - June 1997
Jerry Gore with Silvo Karo from Slovenia
<p>After a week of high standard rock climbing in Yosemite, this pair flew into Ruth Gorge to find it unseasonably warm. As a result, attempts on the S Face of Mt Bradley, 2,774m, and the S Face of M Read more
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Renland, Greenland 2019

Ref: 19/08
June - July 2019
Tom Harding, Niall Newport, Cameron Ree and Neil Cox
<p>After overcoming initial delays due to excessive sea ice the team arrived at their desired venue (?) on Renland. They established successive mid and high camps further up the valley over 8 days. On Read more
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Mulu 2019 Expedition

Ref: 19/42
April - May 2019
Andy Eavis, Ben Kent et al.
<p>Following continued exploration of the Mulu Caves over many years, the primary aim for the Mulu 2019 expedition was to further explore the system and connect a number of caves in the Southern penin Read more
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Baffin Island Ski Mountaineering

Ref: 98/08
April - May 1998
David Williams with Danny Baillie, Rodney Franklin, John Kentish, Ian McKirdy, Graham Rowe and Charles Turner
<p>This was an exploratory winter journey through the mountains of the Cumberland Peninsular to the E of Weasel Valley and N of Kingnait Fjord. By using specially adapted children's plastic sledges to Read more
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British-Canadian St Elias 1998

July - August 1998
Dr Alun Hubbard with Jeremy Frimer & David Hildes from Canada, John Millar from the UK and David Persson from Sweden
<p>The team climbed Mount SE Macaulay, 4,420m, the highest unclimbed peak in Canada. Three of the team were flown in to the Trapridge Glacier to rendezvous with Hubbard and Hildes who had been carryin Read more