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Every MEF-supported expedition is required to submit a report to the foundation. We have archived these reports so that they can be of use in research and the planning of future expeditions. Listed below are summary pages for every expedition that the MEF has supported with links to their complete expedition reports. Expeditions can be refined by geographical area and purpose, browsed using the map below or searched using the search box.

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Kokshaal Too, Kyrgyzstan 2023

Ref: 23/24
August - September 2023
Clement Attwood, Thomas Walker, Calum Wesencraft and Nick Whimster
Despite being dropped 8km short of their planned base camp and facing generally adverse weather conditions, this team of four was still able to make attempts on two summits – one on Pik Zabor and the Read more

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British Patkhor Expedition 2023

Ref: 23/04
June - July 2023
Mick Fowler and Simon Yates
The aim of this two-man expedition was to make the first ascent of a line on the north/east face of Patkhor (6083m) before traversing the peak and descending via its south face. On 13 July, the pair m Read more

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Alpine Club Tajikistan Expedition 2022

Ref: 22/23
August - September 2022
Tom Davis-Merry, Alex Hale, Chris Lewis, Alex Metcalfe and Sarah Wysling
This expedition planned to visit the Zaroshkul Glacier in the Rushan Range of the Pamirs and to attempt a number of the surrounding unclimbed peaks. Despite erratic weather conditions, (this was the h Read more

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Alpine Club Kyrgyzstan Expedition 2021

Ref: 21/09
July - August 2021
Tom Davis-Merry, Tom Simpson, Alex Metcalfe, Sam Davis and Sam Mace with Wayne Auton providing support from France
The team gathered in Bishkek before transferring to Kuiluu via Karakol. Here they established their basecamp with a view to climbing a number of virgin peaks off the East Bordlu Glacier. Due to proble Read more

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Western Torugart Too Expedition

Ref: 19/09
August - September 2019
Derek Billings, Robin Ohlssen, Dave Ryan, Rob Hughes-Games, Jenna Hughes-Games
Following information from Pat Littlejohn about unclimbed peaks in the Altai, Pamir and Tien Shan ranges, the team opted to look in more detail at the western area of the Torugart Too Range. The area Read more

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High-altitude cryosphere processes

Ref: 19/19
August 2019
​​Dr Joel Fiddes, Dr Simon Allen and Mark Witcomb
The research project aimed to fill a vital knowledge gap regarding permafrost in the high mountain environments of Asia, a topic of growing importance in light of climate change. While much is known a Read more

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KMC Western Zaalaisky Expedition

Ref: 19/18
August - September 2019
Andy Stratford, Steve Graham, Emily Thompson, Andy Vine, Jared Kitchen and Stuart Hurworth
Six members of the Karabiner Mountaineering Club travelled to the little explored Western Zaalaisky region of Kyrgyzstan with the aim to ascend unclimbed peaks and gain greater insight for future expe Read more

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Sayan Mountains Expedition

Ref: 19/31
July - August 2019
James English, Megan Picken, Harry Williams, David Warnes, Dr Alexander Shchetnikov and Dr Ivan Filinov
The expedition aimed to provide data to better understand past climatic conditions in the region using chironomids, diatoms and spheroidal carbonaceous particles. This required the extraction of two c Read more

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Ski The Pamir

Ref: 19/05
May 2019
Ryan Taylor, Elliot Smith, Peter Biskind and William Saunders
The objective of the expedition was to make a number of ski descents close to the village of Jilandi. After gaining permits locally, the team travelled by 4x4 to Jilandi and arranged assistance to hel Read more

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Alpine Climbing Group 2018 Borkoldoy Expedition

Ref: 18/30
July – August 2018
Aaron Tregellis Hodgson, Tom Greenham, Thomas Simpson, Matthew Guy, Francis Tocher, Robbie Blease, Rowan Shand McIntosh and Joe Ramsay
Based on reports from a previous expedition to the Borkoldoy range, the party had identified three principle objectives in an unexplored region to the South-West of Kainar Lake. After arriving in Bish Read more