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Western Torugart Too Expedition

Following information from Pat Littlejohn about unclimbed peaks in the Altai, Pamir and Tien Shan ranges, the team opted to look in more detail at the western area of the Torugart Too Range. The area they chose had seen a number of expeditions in 2008 and 2010 but held a number of c4600m peaks still unclimbed. They made basecamp on the 28th August and acclimatised by ascending a number of smaller peaks close by. Once acclimatised they climbed four routes in very good weather and turned back on an additional fifth route at 4300m after encountering unstable rock and climbers experiencing altitude sickness. Few issues were encountered aside from an impact to the head after one member paraglided during a descent. This incident saw him treated for wounds to his nose and left eye. The team broke camp after heavy snowfall arrived and retreated to Naryn a day earlier than planned. They note that there is still additional potential for further first ascents in the area.

August - September 2019
Derek Billings, Robin Ohlssen, Dave Ryan, Rob Hughes-Games, Jenna Hughes-Games

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