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Khrebet Kyokkiar 2002

An expedition to Kyrgyzstan in 2001 (MEF Ref 01/37) only scratched the surface as far as this leader was concerned, so he returned in 2002 to explore further, hoping to make a number of first ascents in the process. Initially, they were unable to gain access to the Kyokkiar Range, due to high river levels making crossings too dangerous, so they returned to the Gory Sarybeles Range, the venue for the previous trip, and made first ascents of three peaks between 4,200m and 4,350m. Entry to the Kyokkiar was then made on horseback, and successful ascents made of another five previously unclimbed peaks between 4,600m and 4,760m.

August - September 2002
David Gerrard with Karl Baker, John Cuthbert and Graham Sutton

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