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Baffin Paddle Climb

Flying first into Pangnirtung, the team paddled 30km up the Pangnirtung Fjord over 8 hours before hiking another 30km further up the valley to their base camp at Summit Lake. They established an advanced base camp at the confluence of Parade and Caribou Glaciers, where they split to make varying ascents. Bronwyn and Jacob climbed a new route they called ‘Never Laugh at Live Dragons’ on the South Tower of Mount Asgard, whilst Thor and Jack made a likely second free ascent of ‘Polar Thievery’ on the North Tower. After a few days’ rest, Bronwyn and Jacob climbed a 3-pitch variation to the Scott-Henneck route, which they graded at 5.11+, while Thor and Zack made a first ascent of a 5.10+ route on Mount Midgard. The team then re-united and paddled onwards to Mount Thor where they made a full team ascent via the South Ridge. Bronwyn and Jacob then went on to make a further first ascent of a 5.13- line they named ‘The Niv Mizzet Line’, climbing the line over two days. Thor and Zack rounded the trip off with a possible first recorded ascent of Ulu Peak by a 5.10+ line they named ‘The Beached Whale’. They returned the same way they approached, arriving back in Pangnirtung where they provided a day’s climbing tuition to some of the local children.

July - August 2019
Bronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Thor Stewart, Zack Goldberg-Poch

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