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Baffin Island 2022

The team flew into Pangnirtung from where they travelled up Pangnirtung Fjord into Auyuittuq National Park. Their primary objective, Mount Turnweather, is located just east of the park boundary. Based on pre-expedition research, they had planned to climb the mountain via its north face but on inspection they decided that the rock was too loose to be viable. They turned instead to the north-east face, where a series of continuous crack systems allowed them to forge a path to the summit. Their new route ‘Rainy Day Dream Away’ (VI, 5.9, A4, 70°) was climbed capsule style, with some use of fixed ropes on the initial section. The team encountered poor weather, with rain almost every day. At the summit tower, they found evidence of previous expeditions in the form of bolts but believe that previous parties climbed both the summit tower and the mountain by different routes.

June - August 2022
Maria Parkes, Neil Chelton and Owen Lee

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