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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Sepu Kangri 1997

Ref: 97/31
April - June 1997
Chris Bonington with Charlie Clarke, Jim Curran, Jim Fotheringham, Jim Lowther, John Porter and Duncan Sperry
<p>During a reconnaissance trip in 1996 (96/10), Bonington and Clarke identified the NE Ridge of Seamo Uylmitok as probably the most feasible route to the summit of Sepu Kangri, 6,950m, the highest un Read more
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British Nanchen Tangla

Ref: 97/04
July - August 1997
John Town with Huw Davies
<p>Always on the lookout for obscure peaks, this year Town selected Jomo Gankar (aka Qunghoganeze), 7,048m, in central Tibet, some 100km NNW of Lhasa, and W of the road to Golmud. The lower one-third Read more
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Challenge 8000 1997

Ref: 97/51
March - August 1997
Alan Hinkes
<p>Having climbed eight of the world's 8000m peaks, Hinkes planned to finish off the other six in one continuous expedition. Extremely generous sponsorship from Berghaus enabled him to 'buy into' othe Read more
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British Services Gimmigela 1997

Ref: 97/09
March - June 1997
Pat Parsons with Ted Atkins, Huan Davies, Bob Ewen, Larry Foden, Andy Gibson, Marty Hallett, Paul Hart, Bert Lane, Pea Peacock, Rob Magowan, Dave Sheridan, Callum Weeks and Tug Wilson
<p>When this expedition was first proposed, Gimmigela, 7,350m, (aka 'The Twins') in the NE corner of Nepal had never been climbed. It was therefore a huge disappointment that it received two ascents b Read more
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Scottish Himalayan 1997

Ref: 97/37
August - September 1997
Scott Muir with Kevin Kelly, Gordon Lennox, Malcolm McIlrath, and David Proudfoot with Ajay Makin as LO
<p>From the summit of the Kullu Eiger in 1996 (96/24) this leader spotted The Throne, rising to 5,840m above the Parbati Valley, and thus the present expedition was spawned. An attempt on the very ste Read more
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Ref: 97/34
July - August 1997
Mike Ratty with Anne Allcock, Richard Law and Trevor Willis
<p>Although refused access to this area of Ladakh in previous years, persistence paid off, and this time a permit was forthcoming. They hoped to make first ascents of Chakura, 6,529m, and/or Pologongk Read more
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1997 British Bhagirathilll

Ref: 97/30
August - September 2007
Steve Callen with Dave Birkett, John Dunne and Jason Pickles
<p>Impossible Star on the W Face of Bhagirathi III, 6,454m, currently has 7 aid pitches, but this team hoped to be able to eliminate them, and thus climb the route 'free'. However, to have any hope of Read more
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Changuch 1997

Ref: 97/26
September - October 1997
Gary Murray with Stephen Ferris and Brian James
<p>After spending a week in the Kumaon region moving camps up to c5,400m to acclimatise, this team climbed to 5,600m on Lamchir West, hoping to spot a possible route on the S Face of Changuch, 6,322m. Read more
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Changabang North Wall 1997

Ref: 97/14
May - June 1997
Julie-Ann Clyma with Andy Cave, Mick Fowler, Brendan Murphy, Roger Payne and Steve Sustad
<p>Some of this party had to abort on this mountain in 1996 owing to the sickness of one member. This year, Clyma and Payne spent 10 days on the face, reaching the Ice Tongue just above the second ice Read more
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Chandra Bhaga

Ref: 97/07
August - September 1997
Colin Knowles with Ian Carey, Titch Kavanagh, Andy Phillips, Tracey Purchase, Dave Reynolds, and Chris Smart, plus LO Gurpal Singh
<p>Most members of this 'Red Rope' expedition were making their first visit to the Greater Ranges, and selected the Lahul area of India as a suitable area to cut their teeth. The first ascent of CBI 1 Read more