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Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Acclimatisation to High Altitude

Based at the Barcroft Research Station in California, US, the aims of this research expedition changed to focus on examining the effect of high altitude on vascular function in men and women rather than its effect on cardiac function. Over two weeks, the team examined intra-arterial blood pressure as well as vascular and blood flow responses to high altitude at rest and during exercise in male and female participants. Additionally, the team were able to assess several aspects of blood pressure control at rest. They characterised sympathetic nervous system activation at high altitude, and investigated the role of both elevated pulmonary pressure and the input from the body’s main oxygen sensor (peripheral chemoreceptors) in eliciting these responses in males and females. Due to the large quantity of useful data collected, the team expect the expedition to result in several peer-reviewed publications.

September 2022
Dr Lydia Simpson, Dr Jonathan Moore, Dr Mike Stembridge and Dr Alex Williams

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