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Benarat 2024 Expedition

This expedition, one part of the ongoing Mulu Caves Project, sought to explore the caves of Gunung Benarat in Gunung Mulu National Park. Over 18 days based at the Park's Camp 5, the expedition succeeded in locating the upper entrance of Cobweb Cave (previously only viewed from within the system) and extending the Cobweb Cave System (including a section of active river passage with 200m of vertical descent), but were unable to link Cobweb Cave into the Terikan River System as they had hoped. However, the two systems are now less than 115m apart and the team feel that an eventual connection is likely. The expedition also succeeded in reaching the previously-identified cliff face entrance in the south-east corner of Gunung Benarat for the first time. Sadly, this proved to be little more than a large overhanging alcove.

December 2023 - January 2024
Tim Allen, Laura Appleby, Mark Burkey, Pete Hall, Becka Lawson, Frank Pearson, Will Pearson, Chris Scaife, Stuart Weston, Lisa Wootton and Mark Wright with Veno Enar, Steve Lian, Balang, Jimmy and Jarah from Sarawak

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