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The Pico del Oro Plateau Caving Expedition 2023

Building on the observations of previous, smaller expeditions, this party set out to explore the Pico del Oro Plateau in northern Peru which, because of its elevation, limestone composition and the relative position of the Rio Negro river, is thought to have the potential to house deep cave systems. The expedition was able to confirm the area’s potential, identifying a number of river sinks and exploring two of these vertical caves to a depth of -141m and -158m respectively, with some distance left to go on both. The expedition also explored the Tragadero de la Soledad cave (previously identified as ‘Bigger Sink’ by a 2022 reconnaissance), mapping it for 2,350m to a maximum depth of -205m. Plans are underway for a return visit in 2024 with larger quantities of rigging equipment to aid further exploration of the sinks.

August - September 2023
Pete Talling, José Antonio De Pomar Cáceres, Gareth Davies, Chris Densham, Dominik Frohlich, Mike Futrell, Rene Haemers, Martin Holroyd, Andreas Klocker and Boaz Langford

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