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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  Nepal

Glaciological Modeling Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 18/17
April - May 2018
Dr Martin Kirkbride, Dr Ann Rowan, Dr Duncan Quincey, Dr Evan Miles, Prof Bryn Hubbard, Josephine Hornsey and Katie Miles
The team from University of Dundee travelled to Khumbu to undertake data collection that could support theories of glaciological modeling produced by Dr Rowan. The data they collected included... Read more
Map of  Canada

British Revelations Expedition

March - April 2018
Tom Livingstone and Uisdean Hawthorn
Following information from Ben Silvestre and Pete Graham, the team set themselves the objective of making some exploratory attempts on Mount Jezebel’s North Face and Mount... Read more
Map of  Chile

Avellano Valley

Ref: 18/03
January 2018
Freja Shannon, Michelle O’Loughlin, Sasha Doyle
Recipients of both the Julie Tulis and Alison Chadwick awards, this team of three women travelled to The Avellano Valley in Northern Patagonia where they hoped to establish a new line on the Avenali... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

At-Bashi Expedition

Ref: 18/01
January - February 2018
Marian Krogh, Nicole Mesman and Gabrielle Degagne
After setting their primary objective to ski traverse the central At Bashi range, the team also hoped to ascend and ski three unnamed 4000m peaks. They found however that many areas they expected to... Read more
Map of  Antarctica

Spectre Trans-Antarctic Expedition

Ref: 17/01
December 2017 - January 2018
Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon
The primary objective of this ambitious expedition was to carry out technical Alpine-style first ascents in the Organ Pipe Peaks in the Queen Maud Mountains of Antarctica, the most southerly rock... Read more
Map of  Peru

South West Face of Huaguruncho

Ref: 17/37
November 2017
James Monypenny and Harry Mcghie
The intended aim of the expedition was to climb the central spur of the SW face of Huaguruncho in Peru, a mountain first climbed by a team including George Band and Mike Westmacott in 1956. After... Read more
Map of  Nepal

Annapurna South Glacier Ice Loss

Ref: 17/33
October - November 2017
Dr Rachel Carr, Arminel Lovell, James Lingihan and Jack Oxtoby
A scientific expedition with objectives to quantify changes in the ice surface elevation, thickness, and velocity, and assess their relationship with debris characteristics; to evaluate how ice... Read more
Map of  Nepal

Ardang Expedition

Ref: 17/38
October - December 2017
Mark Bielby and Emily Ward
The original target was Ardang (6034m) in the Humla region of West Nepal. Unfortunately they were told they could only get a permit for this peak if they agreed to take a guide, and so they chose to... Read more
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Arjuna Expedition

Ref: 17/16
September - October 2017
Ben Silvestre, Pete Graham and Uisdean Hawthorn
The objective was the S summit of Arjuna (6100m) via the arête of its W pillar. From the road head at Gulabgarh they walked in via Kijai nullah to base camp. They acclimatised on an unnamed peak... Read more
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Sumur Valley Expedition

Ref: 17/14
August - October 2017
Derek Buckle, Drew Cook, Jamie Goodhart, Rafal Malczyk and Howard Pollitt
The plan was to ascend the Sumur valley in Ladakh with the objective of exploring the complex glacier system at its head, and to climb one or more virgin peaks, before crossing to the Upper Rassa... Read more