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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Kichatna Spires

April - May 2017
Mike Turner and Miles Bright
Twid’s original partner for this trip was Paul Ramsden but at the last minute Paul found he was unable to get a visa because of business trips made to Libya. Miles Bright was a short notice... Read more
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Tower of Paine Expedition

Ref: 17/05
January 2017
Calum Muskett, Tony Stone and Tom Livingstone
The primary objective was the first ascent of a new route on the S face of the South Tower of Paine. They reached the base of the face, but did not climb a single pitch due to bad weather, heavy and... Read more
Map of  Argentina

Patagonia Expedition

Ref: 17/09
January - February 2017
Peter Graham and Uisdean Hawthorn
Objectives were various first ascents on peaks in the Fitzroy massif, Patagonia. The team was based in Chaltén for two months but due to the particularly bad weather they were not able to attempt... Read more
Map of  Nepal

Gokyo Expedition

Ref: 17/02
October - November 2016
Simon Yates and Paul Schweize
An attempt on the N face of the unclimbed Kangchung (6103m) in Gokyo, Solu Khumbu. They set up their base camp in an ablation valley at Gyubanare, and from here they scoped the approach and route,... Read more
Map of  Nepal

Lasarmu Expedition

Ref: 17/08
October - November 2016
Simon Verspeak and Rebecca Coles
The primary objective was an ascent of an unclimbed 6,246m peak in the Humla region of the far west of Nepal. Base camp was reached in a four-day trek from Simikot. Reconnaissance to the edge of the... Read more
Map of  India

Sersank Expedition

Ref: 16/10
September - October 2016
Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders
Sersank is a 6050 m peak at the head of the Sural Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It was approached over the Rhotang Pass from Manali to Sural Butori, followed by a two day trek through the Sural Valley... Read more
Map of  India

Jangpar Wall Expedition

Ref: 16/19
September - October 2016
Martin Moran, John Crook, Dave Sharp and Ian Dring
The main objective was to make an alpine ascent of the N Spur of the unclimbed Peak 5755 in the Miyar Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The approach was via Manali and the Rohtang Pass to the roadhead at... Read more
Map of  China

West Nainqentanglha Expedition

Ref: 16/07
September - October 2016
Paul Ramsden and Nick Bullock
The initial objective was the North Buttress of Naiqentanglha Feng (7162m) in the West Nyainqentanglha range, to the North West of Lhasa. Their approach was from a roadhead between Damshung and... Read more
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Nubra Valley

Ref: 16/06
August - September 2016
Derek Buckle, Andrew Cook, Michael Cocker, Gus Morton and Knut Tonsberg
The expedition acclimatised in Leh before travelling to Tirit and a three day trek to base camp at Arganglas. This is near the bifurcation of the Rassa and Phonglas Glaciers, from which they planned... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

QUBMC Kaindy Expedition

Ref: 16/21
August 2016
Owen Largey, Stephen Rooney, Michael Campbell, Kevin Cheing, Thomas O’Hagen, Matthew Boyd, Kora Przybyzewska, Aleksey Przbyzewska and Vladimir Zholobenko
New routes and unclimbed peaks from the basin of the Kaindy Glacier, south of the Inilchik Glacier in central Tien Shan. They flew to Bishkek, travelled by road via Karakol to Maydaadyr, and from... Read more