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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Ref: 14/10
September - October 2014
Mick Fowler, Paul Ramsden, Steve Burns, and Ian Cartwright
The team was given permission well in advance for an attempt on the North Face of Hagshu, a 6657m peak in Jammu and Kashmir. Shortly before leaving they discovered that the IMF had issued another... Read more
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Liushen Tag

Ref: 14/22
September 2014
John Town, Zaheer Durrani, Stefan Jachmich, Susan Jensen, Gus Morton, and Alison Stockwell
An attempt on the unclimbed Liushen Tag (6595m) in the Kun Lun mountains in Xinjiang province, by its southern flank. The approach was by air via Urumchi to Hotan, and thence by road to Keria, Pulu,... Read more
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Ref: 14/24
September - October 2014
Emily Ward, Dave Searle, Libby Southgate, Emma Crome, Cora Moffat, Sam Simpson, James Matthews, Joel Evans, and Simon Tracey
The main objective was an unclimbed peak of 5611m to the north of Pik Byeliy in the Westerm Kok-Shal Too in Kyrgyzstan. Also a number of peaks, believed unclimbed, along the southern boundary of the... Read more
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Ref: 14/11
August - October 2014
Derek Buckle, Dave Broadhead, Mike Cocker, Geoff Cohen and Hamish Irvine
Exploration of unclimbed peaks and sub-valleys in the eastern Lingti nala region of the Indian Himalaya, with Kamen Gyalmo (6470m) as the main objective. This peak had been suggested by Harish... Read more
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Muchu Chhish

Ref: 14/21
August - September 2014
Pete Thompson, Tim Oates, and Phil De-Beger
Muchu Chhish is one of a number of 7000m peaks on a high ridge known as the Batura Wall in the Batura Mustagh, the western-most part of the Karakorum. The intention was to follow the Polish route up... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Little Poobah

Ref: 14/13
August 2014
Adrian Dye, Scott Gillespie, Ian Peachey, Robert Middleton, Hannah Moulton and Huw Goodall
Objectives to explore the Fersmana Valley area on the east side of the Western Kokshal-Too in Kyrgyzstan, focusing on new alpine rock routes on the faces either side of the Fersmana Valley, and the... Read more
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Demar Djangart

Ref: 14/14
August 2014
Jamie Goodhart, Stuart Worsfold, Stuart Lade, Jill Plummer, Paul Padman, Liz Holley, Zoe Strong, Max Streeton and Alex Reed
Objectives were the ascent of unclimbed peaks in a remote area of the Djangart Mountains, and an attempt on the North Ridge of Khan Tengri. Because of the remoteness of the area the team were flown... Read more
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Wall to Wall

Ref: 14/27
July - August 2014
Cath Alldred, Sion Brocklehurst, Robert Durran, Pat Ingram, and Simon Smith
The objective was the establishment of new routes in the Fox Jaw Cirque, Trillingerne, East Greenland. The team were flown to the island of Kulusuk from Reykyavik, and continued by boat to the head... Read more
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Ice-marginal Dynamics in West Greenland

Ref: 14/28
July - August 2014
Joseph Mallalieu, Duncan Quincey, and Jonathan Carrivick
This was a scientific expedition to monitor changes in the ice margins of the Russel Glacier, and quantify ice-marginal lake formation and drainage. This will benefit the community of Kangerlussuaq... Read more
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Link Sar

Ref: 14/29
July - August 2014
Jonathan Griffith and Kevin Mahoney
The objective was the first ascent of Link Sar (7041m) in the Charakusa Valley, a peak attempted in two previous expeditions by Griffith. The approach was by air to Skardu, road to Hushe, and a two... Read more