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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Tasermiut Fjord 2008

Ref: 08/13
July - August 2008
Ged Desforges, Dan McManus, Tom Spreyer, Tony Stone, Es Tresidder, James Vybiral & Ruben Gutzat
<p>This team hoped to establish high standard alpine big wall routes in the Cape Farewell area, in particular on the 500m-600m west faces of the Minster (1940m) and Cathedral (2030m). However, on acce Read more
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Queen’s University Belfast MC Greenland 2008

Ref: 08/03
June 2008
Anthony Garvey, David Leonard, Fred Maddelena, Les Ross, Jonathon McCloy & James McKevitt
<p>To some extent this expedition to Renland in East Greenland was a followup to the West Lancashire Scouts Expedition in 2007 (MEF 07/19). With Tangent Expeditions providing the transport etc, this t Read more
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Chimanta 2008

Ref: 08/26
September 2008
Anne & John Arran
<p>For this year’s exploration of the tepuis of Venezuela, this pair chose the more remote steep rock walls of Chimanta (2700m), formed from a very hard type of sandstone, some of the oldest in the wo Read more
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Pompey - Eastern Blanca - Peru 08

Ref: 08/24
July - August 2008
Ken Findlay, Kieran O’Sullivan, Brian Swales & Keith Waddell
<p>In 2006, Paul Hudson made a solo reconnaissance trip (MEF 06/14) into the Eastern Cordillera Blanca of Peru which proved that there was still much left to explore: as a direct result, this team hop Read more
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Cordillera Blanca 2008

Ref: 08/18
June - August 2008
Tony Barton, Olly Metherell, Tom Chamberlain (part-time) & Jim Sykes (part-time)
<p>This was a multi-part expedition to Peru, which started with a short acclimatisation trip to view objectives in the Quebrada Rajururi. They then embarked on a trip to the Nevado Pongos/Raria massif Read more
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British Darwin Range 2008

Ref: 08/15
September 2008
Simon Yates & Andy Parkin
<p>After failing to set foot on Monte Frances (2200m) during an attempt in 2007 (MEF 07/10) due to adverse winds and weather, this team returned to have another go. After sailing from Ushuaia to Calet Read more
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Welsh Central Tower of Paine

Ref: 07/24
March 2008
Mike "Twid" Turner, Bob Brewer, Geoff Hibbert & Peter Jones
<p>Few expeditions can have undergone as many changes between conception and completion as this one. Following changes to leadership and three team members, the trip was postponed from late 2007 into Read more
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Buckskin Glacier Take Two

April - May 2008
Jon Bracey & Matt Helliker
<p>With only three big wall ‘aid’ routes on the east face of Bear Tooth (3207m), this pair of climbers hoped to establish another one up the central fault line or the continuous corner system on the l Read more
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Alpine Climbing Group 2018 Borkoldoy Expedition

Ref: 18/30
July – August 2018
Aaron Tregellis Hodgson, Tom Greenham, Thomas Simpson, Matthew Guy, Francis Tocher, Robbie Blease, Rowan Shand McIntosh and Joe Ramsay
<p>Based on reports from a previous expedition to the Borkoldoy range, the party had identified three principle objectives in an unexplored region to the South-West of Kainar Lake. </p><p>After arrivi Read more
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Sani Pakush Expedition

Ref: 19/28
July - August 2019
Peter Thompson and Philip De-Beger
<p>With prior experience climbing on the northeast spur of Sani Pakush in 1998, Peter Thompson returned with Philip De-Beger to attempt a new alpine route on the northeast spur and east ridge in what Read more