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Izvor Licanke Expedition 2022

The Izvor Licanke cave system in Fužine, Croatia has been visited by cave diving expeditions for the last seven years with many of these teams receiving support from the MEF. This year’s expedition discovered 938m of new cave passage, both above and below water, bringing the total cave length to some 2,819m. This included the diving and mapping of sump 5 and the discovery of sumps 6, 7 and 8. Beyond sump 8, the cave continued with a high canyon leading into a huge dry chamber at the end of which was a 9th sump. This sump was not dived during the expedition, but was explored via video and looked promising.

June - July 2022
Christine Grosart, Richard Walker, Mark Burkey, Louise McMahon, Osama Gobara, Mauro Bordignon, Luke Brock, Mitchell Parry and Velimir Vrzic

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