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Izvor Licanke 2021 Expedition

The renewed exploration of the Izvor Licanke cave in Fužine, Croatia is now into its 6th year. Covid-19 forced a hiatus in 2020, but this 2021 expedition was able to go ahead as planned. Unfortunately one of the expedition’s push divers became unwell early in this year’s expedition, rendering them unable to dive. A standby diver was requested at short notice and the team were eventually able to conduct an exploratory dive. In total, they explored a little over 100 meters of new cave passage, both above and below the water. This took them to the completion of Sump 4 and beyond, where they identified another sump (Sump 5). In addition, the party were also able to survey the passage between Sump 2 and Sump 3, conduct a centre line survey of the dry cave between Sumps 1 & 2 and re-equip the line in Sump 1.

August 2021
Christine Grosart, Richard Walker, Mark Burkey, Louise McMahon, Fred Nunn, Anton Van Rosmalen and Velimir Vrzic

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