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British Ganglung Kangri Expedition 2022

After obtaining their permits in Kathamndu, the expedition team flew to Simikot from where they began the long trek into basecamp. The journey took eight days, during which the weather was consistently unsettled and the expedition party faced difficulties navigating boulder fields with mules. Once basecamp was established at just shy of 5,000m, an ABC was sited below the access to the Ganglung Glacier at 5,333m. On the 04 October, two of the team scouted their objectives, ascertaining that while Ganglung Kangri was too distant for an attempt, Chandi was definitely a viable proposition. Unfortunately, this clear day of scouting was to be the last of the trip. Late, persistent monsoon weather arrived in earnest, forcing a difficult retreat from ABC by Colton and Douglas. With snow covering the boulder-strewn approach, the team found themselves trapped at basecamp with no obvious route back down. A Sat-phone call confirmed that mules could not reach within 4-5 days of basecamp and, out of concern for both themselves and their basecamp staff, they called for an air evacuation which picked them up on 11 October.

September - October 2022
Nick Colton, Ed Douglas, Julian Freeman-Attwood

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