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British Chandi Himal

Inspired by the British Far West Nepal Expedition 2011 (MEF Ref 11/01), this team planned to visit the same area (Changla Himal) to explore and hopefully make the first ascent of Gave Ding (6571m). However, due to permit restrictions, they had to relocate to the largely unexplored Chandi Himal Range, with Chandi Himal (6069m) as their main objective. From a high camp at 5400m, they reached a col at 5950m where they dumped their technical equipment and proceeded unroped. Unfortunately, at 6000m the easy ground was replaced by a pillar of loose rock which formed the summit itself, and which brought them to a halt. Retreating to the col, they saved the day with an ascent of a subsidiary snow dome of 6024m on the other side of the col from Chandi Himal. As they recovered back at base camp, the weather took a dramatic turn with heavy snowfall putting a stop to further climbing: all efforts were now directed to getting themselves and all their gear safely back to civilisation. After a few days with little progress, their agent offered to arrange helicopter evacuation, which under the circumstances, they were happy to accept.

October - November 2013
Guy Wilson with David Chapman and Neil Warren

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