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Mulu Caves 2022

This large expedition party worked in several teams; exploring surveying and photographing 6.5km of new cave passage, as well as resurveying 5km of previously discovered passages. They also made a diving connection between Clearwater Cave and Racer Cave, increasing the length of the Clearwater Cave system by 10km, making it the 8th longest cave in the world. Additionally, laser scanning of 4.5km of cave passage yielded an impressive 3D image of the cave. This scan is likely to confirm Clearwater as the largest cave in the world by volume. Finally, scientific research was conducted into the corrosive quality of the cave air and, in particular, its deleterious effect on artificial fibres. Analysis of the results of this research is ongoing. The expedition team note that there is significant scope for further exploration of the cave system but caution that most of the more easily travelled passages have likely already been discovered.

October – December 2022
Andrew Eavis, William Yu Pearson, Anthony Radmall, Christopher Blakeley, Colin Boothroyd, David Nixon, Gareth Davies, Rostam Namaghi, Richard Walters, Rida Rambli, Judith Calford, Martin Holroyd, Christopher Howes, Kevin Munn, Zarris Kem, Andrew Farrant, Ashley Gregg, Peter Hall, Timothy Kent, Andrew McLeod, Joanne White, Andrew Smith, Robert Eavis, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Christos, Pennos, Hazel Barton, James Koether, Derek Bristol, Jonathan Beavan and Maya Williams

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