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AMA Himachal Pradesh

The Expedition was the first of three designed to select men and materials for the Army Mountaineering Association's attempt on Mount Everest during the pre-monsoon period of 1976. Because the party was such a large one, the team was split into two Groups. One group, under Major Gerry Owens, went to climb Deo Tibba (6001m) and Indrasan (6221m) and five other peaks of similar height in an area some 35 miles south-east of Manali. The other Group under Major Jon Fleming crossed over the Rohtang Pass (3978m) and went to climb two peaks some 70 miles, as the crow flies, north-west of Manali called Menthosa (6443m) and Baihali Jot (6220m), as well as two further peaks.

April - July 1973
Sgt J Anderson. RE, Sgt G P Armstrong. RAF, Rfn Basantakumar Rai, Flt Lt A K Bhattacharyya, Lt J N G Beckett, RA, Capt M G le G Bridges. RE, Lt D A J Brister. Tnt Corps, Capt MWH Day. RE, Surg Lt Comd PN Dilly GM. RNR, Lt S. Eskell. RE, Maj J W Fleming PARA, Capt P W Gunson. REME, C/Sgt Gyalzen Sherpa, Lt Col R H Hardie. RAMC, Capt I J Hellberg. RCT, Capt M H Kefford, L/Cpl Khagendrabahadur Limbu, L/Cpl M P Lane, Maj Capt T J Lynch. PARA, A J Muston. RAOC, L/Cpl Norbu Sherpa, Maj G F Owens WFR, Capt P B Page. RE, Rfn Pasang Tamang, Lt Col J D C Peacock. REME, Capt O P Sharma, Maj J S K Swanston. RAMC, Lt T D Thompson. RM and Capt P R West. RA

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