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British-American Karakoram Expedition

Having initially planned to make an attempt on the Muztagh Tower, the team altered their plans to Rakaposhi after discovering that two other teams were intent on their initial objective. Travelling first to Karachi and then Rawalpindi, they flew to Gilgit towards the end of May from where they undertook their approach march, eventually establishing basecmp at the foot of the mountain's south-west spur. The party, followed behind by porters with supplies, pushed a series of camps up the spur, eventually establishing camp IV just below the Monk's Head. They passed this, establishing camp V just above the Monk's Head and Camp VI on the south-west ridge. Despite this being a significant distance from the summit, all four climbers made an attempt on the summit from here but could not move quickly enough for success. Subsequent attempts by Banks and MacInnes were even less successful.

May - August 1956
Mike Banks, Hamish MacInnes, Bob Swift and Dirck Irvin

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