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British Annapurna III

Annapurna III (7555m) has always proved to be a challenge to mountaineers, and this team’s first attempt did not even reach Base Camp. Undeterred, they returned in the Autumn, when additional sponsorship enabled them to fly in by helicopter. They soon discovered that the SE Ridge, their original objective, consisted of very loose rock, with its approach threatened by avalanche and sérac fall. Hoping that the East Ridge would provide a safer option, they climbed to a shoulder at 5900m and stashed gear for a later attempt. A period of bad weather and extreme cold kept them in BC for the next week, and although they managed to reach the cache again, they realised that they had insufficient time to safely attempt the climb and return to base camp, so reluctantly abandoned the expedition.

April - May and October - November 2010
Nick Bullock with Pete Benson & Matt Helliker

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