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British Eastern Torssuqatoq Spires 2000

Despite delays at the start of this expedition due to prolonged periods of rain, and assisting 00/35, this expedition achieved not only its primary aim of the first ascent of Whaleback Peak, c.1,200m, but also of Pt. 1303 (aka Whaleback), Flatiron, c.1,120m, The Great White, c.1,050m and The Crest, c.1,180m. Routes were up to 700 metres in length and were graded up to TD and E3. The fragile nature of the rock was emphasised when a hold on another peak broke and Renshaw took a I5-metre leader fall, breaking his heel in the process. He was evacuated to hospital in Nanortalik by helicopter.

July - September 2000
Jonathan Bracey with Vicky Barratt, Virginia Cooper, Matt Goode, Charlotte Mainwaring, Steve Powell, Alex Messenger and Ian Renshaw

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