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British Greenland

This was a lightweight expedition to the increasingly popular Tasermiut Fjord area of Southern Greenland, inhabited by Vikings 1,000 years ago. Like them, this team sailed into the area, but at a rather more exorbitant price. In the only breaks in a period of unsettled weather, they made first ascents of two granite pillars, both on friable rock with little protection. The first pillar, which they called 'The James Hopkins Pillar' after a Gloucestershire-based childrens' charity, was approximately 600m high and E4 5c. The second one was to the left of a buttress that they called 'Honey Buttress' in honour of their BC Manager: it was 500m high and also E4 5c.

July 1998
Tony Penning with Ian Parsons plus Bob Honey as BC support

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