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British Nushik 1996

From the summit of Haramosh II in 1995, Wilkinson saw a prominent summit c6,000m in the distance that did not seem to be marked on any map, so he determined to find and climb it. In the meantime he gave it the temporary name 'Nushik' after a nearby pass. What he and his team found was that the mystery peak was actually nearer to the Bolocho La, and could not be reached from their base camp on the Kero Lungma Glacier. They therefore turned their attention to peaks that were accessible. They made first ascents of three, which they named Tsuntse Brakk, c5,000m, Goma Brakk, c5,200m and Redakh Brakk, c6,000m.

July - August 1996
Dave Wilkinson with Bill Church, Tony Park and Colin Wells

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