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British Torssukatak Fjord

Pamiagdluk Island has become a very popular destination for rock climbers in recent years. This team set out to make the first ascent of 'The Baron' (Pt 1,340m) by several free routes. Seven new routes were climbed, with grades ranging from E2 5c to E4 6a, whilst two other lines were attempted but abandoned after 10 pitches due to loose rock. In addition, the team made second ascents of two routes recently climbed by another expedition. A large falling rock resulted in chest injuries to Riley, who had to be evacuated from the summit ridge by a series of lowers and abseils, and back to civilisation by a passing boat. Subsidiary plans to attempt the unclimbed Pt 1303m on the western shore of the Fjord had to be shelved as the team could not afford the extra £1000 necessary to hire a suitable boat. Inspection through binoculars revealed that it was steep, sheer and uninviting. The female members of this expedition were awarded the Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant for 2004.

July - August 2004
Leanne Callaghan with Glenda Huxter, Tim Neill, Matt Perrier, Tim Riley and Louisa Wilkinson from UK and Judith Spancken from Germany

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