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Cambridge Garhwal Himalaya 1977

The aims of the expedition were threefold: to climb Rishi Kot, a 6240 metre peak which lies on the ridge running south-west from Changabang in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary; to study the birdlife of the area, its ecology, altitudinal zonation and in particular to establish proof of breeding; and to collect avian cloacal swabs and blood samples (to send back to London in liquid nitrogen) as part of a study of the influenza virus by the World Health Organisation. In all of these endeavours, the party was successful and even climbed a small addiitonal "snow peak" on the ridge between Rishi Kot and Changabang along with the main summit.

June - September 1977
Martin Gledhill with Tim Reed, Tim Hurrell, Jenny Williams, David Harper, Mark Pezarro and John Coxon

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