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Chiling II North Face Expedition 2022

Travelling from Leh, the expedition arrived at basecamp on 08 September. After establishing ABC at 4,500m, they reconnoitred their primary objective, Chiling II (6,253m), discovering that a recent landslide had made accessing their intended line on the north face impossible. They turned their attention to the north rib of Lalung I (6,243m), but found this to be an unattractive proposition, consisting of little more than frozen earth. Searching for new objectives, the team entered an unexplored side valley of the Lalung glacier where they found a number of attractive unclimbed peaks. They decided to make an attempt on an unnamed peak with a Google Earth spot height of 6,048m but abandoned their attempt after triggering a small slab avalanche which narrowly missed one of the team. Concluding that the conditions were unlikely to improve given the forecast, they packed up early and returned to Leh.

September - October 2022
Alex Mathie, Tim Elson and Innes Deans

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