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Although the area around Lhonak, WNW of Kangchenjunga, has been closed for some time, a permit was granted allowing exploration and attempts to be made on any peaks in the Danga area. Once there, it was discovered that the range was quite complex, and what had been thought of as the main peak of Danga, 6,359m - and an appropriate objective for the team - was actually Danga II, 6,194m. They decided to attempt this peak anyway, and succeeded in making its first ascent on the only totally clear day of the trip. James Bonington joined the summit team in place of Rupert Bennet who was suffering from pleurisy.

April - May 2000
Sir Chris Bonington with Dr Rupert Bennet, Daniel Bonington and Gerald Bonington with Furtenjee Sherpa, plus James Bonington, Jude Bonington and Dave Hummerstone in support

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