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Dronning Louise Land 2007

Although a very detailed survey was carried out of the northern part of Dronning Louise Land as long ago as 1953, the southern part remained largely unexplored, being marked on the map as 'Eventyrfjelde' (Fairy Tale Land). Due to badly crevassed blue ice, it was not possible for this team's aircraft to land at the intended drop-off site, so a point on the edge of the ice cap 40km to the north-west was selected instead. Plans had therefore to be modified, and over the next three weeks they skied north setting up camps and climbing 19 peaks en route (to many of which they gave Welsh names): 15 of them, between 2,000m and 2,600m, were believed to be first ascents. Although they collected small geological specimens from each peak, there was little evidence of the meteorites they had hoped to find.

May - June 2007
Russ Hore, Gerwyn Lloyd & Tim Radford

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