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Edinburgh Altitude Research 2008

This group of medical students originally intended to carry out its research in Pakistan but transferred to India when the political situation in Pakistan became threatening. Their aim was to investigate the cognitive effects of altitude – particularly reaction times – while undertaking a high level traverse in an under-explored region of the Zanskar Himalaya, a task that was achieved with great success, although it will take some time to analyse all the results. The traverse entailed the team, complete with pack horses, crossing the Shingo La (5,049m) and Phitse La (5,560m) passes and culminated in a classical Himalayan climb (without the horses!) of Friendship Peak (5,289m).

June - July 2008
David Hall, Richard Benson, Richie Dargie, Nikki van Gemeren, Stewart Jackson, Nicky Salmon, Kirsty Steggles, David Veitch, Maddy Whitehouse & Rob Young

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