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Greenland Arctic Challenge 2004/2005

Continuing his exploration of the coastal mountains of Greenland from the sea, this leader sailed his 10-metre sloop from Scotland, and initially anchored in the 24km long Kangerduarssugssuaq Fjord. From here they climbed three peaks, two of them probably first ascents. They then moved north to the Akuliarusinguaq peninsula at the northern end of Uummaanaq Fjord in the hope of climbing four 2,000m+ peaks 'left unclimbed' from a previous trip. They actually reached a total of 12 summits in the area, at least 10 of which are thought to be first ascents. Sailing even further north, they reached 78° 32' N, possibly the furthest ever reached by a conventional boat - beyond Etah, which had once been the most northerly Innuit settlement. From here they crossed to Ellesmere Island and then to Herbert Island, where the first E-W ski traverse was achieved - 30km in exacting snow conditions at an average height of 850m. They then returned to Upernavik, where the leader planned to winter on his boat in preparation for next year's phase of the exploration.

June - October 2004
Rev Bob Shepton with Emily Brooks, Keith Geddes, Phil Ham, Nigel Harrison and Polly Murray, plus Jeremy Howarth and Tash Wright in support

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