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Indian British Panch Chuli Expedition

Six Indian and six British climbers succeeded in climbing peaks in the Panch Chuli massif, approaching it from the west. Panch Chuli II (6,904m) was climbed by W spur (1St ascent) and SW ridge (2nd ascent). The party also achieved first ascents of Sahadev East (5,750m), Panch Chuli V (6,437m), Panchali Chuli (5,22om) and Draupadi (5,250m), while a second ascent of Rajrambha (6,537m) led to its traverse via the E ridge and the first ascent of Menaka Peak (6,000m). (See articles 'Indian British Panch Chuli Expedition 1992' and 'Panch Chuli V'.) The ascent of Panch Chuli V was shortlisted for the 1992 Piolet d'Or award.

May - June 1992
Harish Kapadia with Chris Bonington

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