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Innominate Mountaineering Group Karakoram 1968

The expedition travelled overland from the UK, leaving on 2 July and arriving in Islamabad on 17 of that month. They approached their chosen peak, Miangul Sar (known locally as Dingi Sar) via Kalam, Gabral and the Gabral valley. on 2 August, they made the first ascent of the peak, with B.D. Chase & T.A.J. Goodfellow reaching the summit by the north-west. face and west ridge. Four days later, on 6 August, G.D. Hughes and J. Lovatt made another ascent of the peak, this time climbing solely via the west ridge.

July - August 1968
W.E. Donaghue, J. Lovatt, B.D. Chase, T.A.J. Goodfwllow, G.D. Hughes and Dr. M.J. Macmahon

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