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Kalanka North Face 2007

Although several teams have tried to climb the north face of Kalanka (6,931m), so far only one, from Czechoslovakia, has been successful, and that was with the aid of fixed ropes. As the face is considered to be 'one of the great prizes of the 'Garhwal', this strong duo was determined to climb a new route in more modern - ie Alpine - style. After acclimatisation sorties to 5,800m on a nearby peak, they set off up the massive fluted snowfield at the far left of the Kalanka's north face. Although hampered by regular snowfalls, they continued for four days to a shoulder at 6,200m which led to the stunning NE ridge. With food running out and the probability of several more days' technical (and 'not very appealing') climbing to the summit, they decided to curtail their ascent at this point.

August - September 2007
Nick Bullock & Kenton Cool

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