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Karabiner MC 60th Anniversary Pamiagdluk Island

This was a typical 'club' expedition, whose numbers were limited by the capacity of the 10m boat hired to reach an inlet on the western side of Kangerdluarssuaq Fjord on Pamiagdluk Island, where they established their base camp. Weather conditions throughout were unsettled with few wholly fine days, but the team established a total of 26 mountaineering routes up to AD+ and rock routes up to E3. However they say that 'there's plenty more to do' and no doubt some of the team will be going back.

July - August 2004
Dave Bone with Rob AlIen, Steve Cheslett, Ian Heginbotham, Duncan Lee, Alois Metelko, Anna Neubert, Julie O'Regan, Scott Sadler and Jennifer Varley from UK plus Helena Bestova and Karel Prochazka from the Czech Republic

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