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The objectives were to explore the Upper SE Shukpa Kunchang and Sagtogpa Glaciers in the Rongdo Valley, and climb at least one unclimbed remote 6000m+ peak. After five days acclimatising around Leh, the team ascended the Rongdo Valley and established a base camp at 4800m, followed by an advanced base at 5450m just below the SE Shukpa Kunchang Glacier. After a rest day at BC (several members were suffering from altitude sickness) five team members set off at midnight to climb Peak X3 (6100m) from the ABC. They followed the Sagtoba Glacier to the col below the SE Ridge, which was corniced and looked steep. Good progress was made up to 6050m, but with the weather closing in, and fears that cornices would weaken in the sun, they retreated to ABC and BC to recover, and prepare for another attempt. Unfortunately the weather then deteriorated and delayed this. They went back to ABC when it improved, it deteriorated again, and they ran out of time. The climbing as far as it went was alpine PD.

June - July 2015
Ed Poulter, Andrew Basford, Katie Farrel, Mathew Fuller, Steve Hutton, Katie McKay and Dan Slome

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