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Mazeno Ridge

The Mazeno Ridge is the longest arête on any 8000m peak – a staggering 13km from the Mazeno Pass at 5377m to where it joins the south-southwest ridge or Schell Route, then another 2 km up slopes on the Diamir Flank to the summit of Nanga Parbat at 8125m. A traverse of the entire ridge is therefore a monstrous undertaking: over eight summits to the junction with the 1976 Schell Route, then via the upper section of this to Nanga Parbat’s summit. It is a totally committing venture, as escape on either flank seems impossible until reaching the Mazeno Col, and had defeated several previous attempts. Hence the successful traverse of the entire ridge by Allan and Allen must rank as one of (if not the) mountaineering achievement of the year.

June - July 2012
Sandy Allan and Rick Allen from UK plus Cathy O’Dowd from South Africa

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